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Water Restoration Time, Tips and other questions

  • KIMBERLEY WATER UPDATE 13/07/2015 17:00- via Johan Smit, DA Councillor “Die pyp reg oorkant Sol Plaatje munisipaliteit het gebars en veroorsaak dat ‘n groot gedeelte van die sentrale sakegebied sonder water is asook ‘n gedeelte van Monumenthoogte. Waterwerke is al ver gevorder met die herstel van die pyp.”
  • KIMBERLEY WATER RESTORATION UPDATE 13:30- via Johan Smit, DA Councillor, who already reported the faults to Sol Plaatje Municipality​ Municipality.
    “There are a fair amount of pipe bursts in Monument-heights. Some areas without water again, and some areas apparently still does not have water.”
  • KIMBERLEY WATER RESTORATION IN PROGRESS AND MUST NOW RUN IT’S COURSE- An interesting bit of information via Johan Smit, DA Councillor.
    “Daar is ‘n enorme hoeveelheid water wat in die netwerk gepomp moet word om dit te vul. Die groot 900 mm pyp is so te sê leeg. Elke 1,2 m neem 1000 liter water. Dan is daar nog ook die 600 mm pype wat leeg is.
  • Dan is daar nog die dorp se fyner netwerke wat dol leeg is.
    Daar is miljoene liter water wat gepomp moet word om net die netwerke vol te kry voordat ons die druk in ons huishoudings sal hê.
    Al die werk is gedoen en die pompe pomp water. Nou is dit net tyd”
  • WHAT TIME WILL THE WATER SUPPLY BE RESTOREDUPDATE 08:00 – Water is now hitting areas such as El Toro Park, Galeshewe & Haddison Park, but still with fairly low pressure for some.
    As all the pipes in the system are empty it will take some time to re-pressurised the system. Areas far away from the reservoirs and high lying areas will take the longest to completely restore.
    Secondary problems may also pop up during the day.   If you spot any burst pipes pleas report it to the Call Centre, and remember to get a reference number.
    UPDATE 07:00 – Parts of Carters Glen, Utility, Lindene and New Park are reporting fair to good pressure. First reports of water in Roodepan also coming in.
    NOTE: If there are elevation differences between houses in the same neighbourhood the restoration time can vastly differ.
    UPDATE 06:35 – Parts of Carters Glen & Utility are reporting good pressure. Some in Beacons Field and Klisser are reporting some water still at very low pressure.
    UPDATE 05:20 – According to Sello Matsie, the Municipal Communications Manager, water have now been been opened up at Newton Reservoir to flow into the City water supply network.
    As all the pipes in the system are empty it will take some time to re-pressurised the system. Areas far away from the reservoirs and high lying areas will take the longest to completely restore.
    The original rough estimates were that water will be restored at the earliest anywhere from Sunday 20:00 to shorty after midnight.
    However no one can say exactly at what time complete water restoration will take place.  This is a large and complicated project with numerous unknown and possible unforeseen problems which could push restoration later.
    [Current feedback is cautiously optimistic that we
    may see water restoration some time before midnight, as there are currently no MAJOR complications.]

    UPDATE 21:00 – The latest reports indicate that it is unlikely that water will be restored before midnight.
    We do recommend that residents prepare for the possible eventuality that complication might lead to water only being restored by tomorrow morning.
    Updates on the restoration process will be posted here and on Kimberley Infrastructure FB Group.
    Neither your pipes, geyser, house or the newton reservoir will explode if you open a tap while the water is off.  Residents are cautioned to keep taps closed, as a forgotten unattended open tap can lead to flooding or at least a waste of water when the water supply is restored. During leak tests or initial water restoration it can also allow dirt into your water pipes and fittings.
    The best way to keep as much dirt as possible out of your water system is to close the main stop valve at your water meter until water has been completely restored.  You should still follow the water restore procedure below when you do open the stop valve.
    While work continues and pressure and leak tests can be started and stopped at any time.  This can cause some water to move through the system and combined with air (or even the air being displaced) can cause noises in your pipes, geysers and toilets.
    Thus if your geyser or toilet is making weird noises no need to join Okkie Fourie in a flight out of town to hide behind Naval Hill.  A correctly installed geyser has numerous safeguards and will only explode if it is full of water & switched on and the thermostat & pressure relieve valves malfunction leading to a catastrophic rise in pressure, beyond the tolerances of the geyser.
    It is recommended that you leave your geyser stop valve closed and your geyser switched off and only open it after following the hot water restoration tips below.
    Do not be alarmed if you see water flowing out of relieve valves in the streets. These are used to bleed air from the system to minimize possible damage caused by the hammering of air rushing through the system when water is introduced into empty pipes.
    The first rush of water will most probably contain a fair amount of dirt.  It is recommended to keep the stop valve of your geyser closed and to first open a singe cold water tap to flush out as much dirt as possible.
    Only when the water supply flowing from the cold taps are clean and stable should you open your geyser stop valve.  Open a hot water tap to help air escape from the geyser.  Once clean, air free water is flowing from your hot water tap you can switch your geysers trip switch back on.


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