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Kimberley Sol Plaatje Municipality Ward Councillors

Councillor 1

The ward councillor should make sure that the interests of all the people in the ward are represented in council as properly as possible.

  • Report on council activities on a regular basis
  • Report on annual performance
  • Strengthen the relationship with community

Roles & Responsibilities of councils and councillors

Councillors are representative of their constituents and their immediate needs. They also have the responsibility that the decisions they take must address past imbalances and access to services and opportunities.

Roles of councillor:

• Maximise social development economic growth

• Integrating and co‐ordinating • Democratising development, empowering and redistributing

• Leading and learning

• Oversight

• Appointment of senior management

Councillors serve as:

• Facilitators of community/constituency input

• A communication link between council and community

• Members of committees

• Councillors ratify key decisions of the council

• Councillors help to monitor the performance of the municipality Role of a ward councillor

• The ward councillor is elected by citizens living in the ward that he’s standing for elections.

• The ward councillor is expected to make sure that the concerns related to his/her are represented in council.

• The ward councillor and ward committee are there to ensure that everyone can participate in local government
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1 From SALGA (The South African Local Government Association)

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