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How To Submit Manual Water & Electricity Readings

How to read and manually submit water and electricity readings to Sol Plaatje Municipality.

Sol Plaatje Municipality does not read all water and electricity meters every month.  In some cases readings was taken only once in six months or even longer.

Readings & Estimates

Estimates are used when no physical readings were taken, and are indicated as “WATER INTERIM” and “ELEC INTERIM” on your municipal account.
When physical readings are taken again, the estimate amounts previously charged are credited.
Each block is then adjusted pro rata the for period since the last physical reading.

For example: If physical water readings are taken exactly 2 months apart the size of each block will be doubled for billing purposes.  Thus residents do not “move” into a higher rate block if physical readings are taken more than a month apart.

How to take your electricity reading

Electrical meters have main digits displaying Kw Hours used (in black and white) and also one or two secondary numbers (in white and red), displaying fractions of the Kw Hours used.  The fractions in white and red may be directly on the right of the black and white numbers or below to the right.
When taking your reading you MUST IGNORE the numbers in RED & WHITE and only use the BLACK & WHITE numbers.
Kimberley Sol Plaatje Municipality Manual Water & Electricity Readings

How to take your water reading

Water meters have black & white numbers to the left displaying Kilo Litres (Kl) used.  On the right hand side is Red & White numbers displaying the reading up to 0.1 litres.
When taking your reading you MUST IGNORE the numbers in RED & WHITE and ONLY use the BLACK & WHITE numbers.
Kimberley Sol Plaatje Municipality Manual Electricity & Water Readings


How to submit your own reading

Your reading together with the Name on the Municipal Account and the Municipal account number must be e-mail to or submitted via telephone to the Sol Plaatje Municipality Accounts Department.

E-Mail your manual reading to Jennifer Mothobie at jmothobie@solplaatje.org.za or Zenovia Coetzee at zcoetzee@solplaatje.org.za. Alternatively call in your readings to 053 830 6911 (ask for the Municipal Accounts Department).
This needs to be done between the 5th and 19th of every month.

To ensure you account remains consistent we advise that you take your readings around the same date that Sol Plaatje Municipality usually take physical readings in your area.

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