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Load Shedding Schedule Kimberley – Sol Plaatje Municipality



When Eskom experiences a generation capacity shortfall on the National  Power grid, Load Shedding is immediately required in order to maintain national Network stability. During such an event, all Power Utilities are required to contribute to the national shortfall by reducing load in accordance the National Load Shedding Plan.
In other words: Load-shedding and rolling blackouts can be introduces at any time with little or no notice.

During Stage 1 loadshedding Sol Plaatje Municipality ONLY shed geysers.

Schedules for Stage 2 & 3 loadshedding below.
Please check http://www.kimberley.org.za/tag/kimberley-infrastructure to see which, if any, stage / schedule is in affect at any time.

Load shedding is not limited to the actual suburbs in this table.  All neighbourhoods serviced by the particular substation can be affected.
The electricity grid does not conform 100% with the normal neighbourhood boundaries.  Areas close to the edge of a neighbourhood may fall under a different grid area.
NOTE: This table contain the planned schedule for load shedding.  Actually load shedding times may vary in accordance with the power grid status and operational factors at Sol Plaatje Municipality.

Stage_2_Load-Shedding-Schedule-Kimberley_Sol_Plaatje_Municipality_V2_01bOn stage 3 loadshedding two hour long rolling blackouts are introduced
according to the Stage 2 Schedule and geysers are remotely switched off as needed.

Stage 3 loadshedding to continue until 05:00 on Monday morning.
Yesterday morning (Saturday, 15/02/2020) on Stage 3 the blackouts of each area occurred two hours later than indicated on the Sol Plaatje Loadshedding Schedule.  Initial “unofficial” information was that the Stage 2 schedule + Geysers, but at 2 hours later slots, will be used for the day. A “new” Stage 3 schedule surfaced later the morning on social media with no indication where it originated from.

Then yesterday (15/02/2020) at 13:40 the Official Sol Plaatje Facebook Page posted:
“Eskom Power System Emergency update: 15/02/2020
Load shedding stage 3 from 09h00 15/02/2020 to 05h00 17/02/2020 and Load curtailment stage 3 from 09h30 15/05/2020 to 05h00 17/02/2020 will be implemented to stabilize the system. Stage 3 is actually stage 2 plus geysers. Your Eskom Customer Executive or Regional control center will contact you for further action. We regret the inconvenience”

However, feedback from the public indicated that the unconfirmed “New” Stage 3 Schedule was being used. For example at 20:00 last night Carters Glen went off according to the time slot indicated on the “New” Stage 3 Schedule.

At this time there is no confirmation whether the Stage 2 Schedule + Geysers or the unconfirmed “New” Stage 3 Schedule will be used today.

LOADSHEDDING schedule. Unconfirmed sate 3 draft

On stage 4 loadshedding two and a half hour long rolling blackouts are introduced
according to the Stage 4 Schedule and geysers are remotely switched off as needed.


KIMBERLEY LOADSHEDDING FAQ – https://www.kimberley.org.za/?p=3135

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