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Current Water Shutdown 10-12 July 2015

Information and updates will be added as and when it becomes available.


  • KIMBERLEY WATER UPDATE 13/07/2015 17:00- via Johan Smit, DA Councillor “Die pyp reg oorkant Sol Plaatje munisipaliteit het gebars en veroorsaak dat ‘n groot gedeelte van die sentrale sakegebied sonder water is asook ‘n gedeelte van Monumenthoogte. Waterwerke is al ver gevorder met die herstel van die pyp.”
  • KIMBERLEY WATER RESTORATION UPDATE 13:30- via Johan Smit, DA Councillor, who already reported the faults to Sol Plaatje Municipality​ Municipality.
    “There are a fair amount of pipe bursts in Monument-heights. Some areas without water again, and some areas apparently still does not have water.”

KIMBERLEY WATER RESTORATION IN PROGRESS AND MUST NOW RUN IT’S COURSE- An interesting bit of information via Johan Smit, DA Councillor.
“Daar is ‘n enorme hoeveelheid water wat in die netwerk gepomp moet word om dit te vul. Die groot 900 mm pyp is so te sê leeg. Elke 1,2 m neem 1000 liter water. Dan is daar nog ook die 600 mm pype wat leeg is.
Dan is daar nog die dorp se fyner netwerke wat dol leeg is.
Daar is miljoene liter water wat gepomp moet word om net die netwerke vol te kry voordat ons die druk in ons huishoudings sal hê.
Al die werk is gedoen en die pompe pomp water. Nou is dit net tyd”

UPDATE 08:00 – Water is now hitting areas such as El Toro Park, Galeshewe & Haddison Park, but still with fairly low pressure for some.
As all the pipes in the system are empty it will take some time to re-pressurised the system. Areas far away from the reservoirs and high lying areas will take the longest to completely restore.
Secondary problems may also pop up during the day.   If you spot any burst pipes pleas report it to the Call Centre, and remember to get a reference number.
UPDATE 07:00 – Parts of Carters Glen, Utility, Lindene and New Park are reporting fair to good pressure. First reports of water in Roodepan also coming in.
NOTE: If there are elevation differences between houses in the same neighbourhood the restoration time can vastly differ.
UPDATE 06:35 – Parts of Carters Glen & Utility are reporting good pressure. Some in Beacons Field and Klisser are reporting some water still at very low pressure.
WATERWORKS PROJECT STATUS UPDATE 05:20 – According to Sello Matsie, the Municipal Communications Manager, water have now been been opened up at Newton Reservoir to flow into the City water supply network.
As all the pipes in the system are empty it will take some time to re-pressurised the system. Areas far away from the reservoirs and high lying areas will take the longest to completely restore.

WATERWORKS PROJECT STATUS UPDATE 19:00 12/07/2015, From Johan Smit Francis Baard DA Councillor
“Die laaste klep. Die een hou die manne vas. Die koppelstuk se sweis neem nou die tyd op. Hierdie manne neem nie kortpad nie.
Elke stap is deeglik.”

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From Sello Matsie, Municipal Communications Manager – “The last of the major connection being installed.”

Please note there are still a large amount of work to be done.
NO firm time of water restoration yet, but expectations are still for sometime later tonight if all goes to plan.

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From Sello Matsie, Municipal Communications Manager
The Project is on schedule and all sites are on time this morning.

Work completed by our teams:
2 150mm valves Nobengula
1 100mm valve Corner Ratanang and Solly Lekgodi
1 150mm valve Corner Hercules and Central
1 100 mm valve corner of Adamant and Trommel
1 100 mm valve corner Queensway and Yente
1 200 mm valve corner George Street and Waterloo
2 100 mm valve corner Leeuwenhof and Nederberg
2 clamps on 900 mm main
1 clamp on 600 mm main
Based on progress made during night 4 of the 5 mainline sites are completed and 10 of the 16 network points are done. These are being worked on and we’ ll advise on progress; naturally testing still is needed which can only be done once pipes are full.

Sol Plaatje Emergency Services
Distributed 200 000 litres of water yesterday.
Six house fires was attended to, 2 of which this morning

Water is available at the fire department, bring your own containers.

The free water distribution service will come to an end at 20:00 tonight and start again tomorrow morning at 08:00.
There is 24 hour access for free water at the tanks provided by Hancor at their premises at 33 Augustine Street in West End

Update 12:00 11/04/2015



Update 09/07/2015

  • The shutdown will commence at 22:00 on Friday Evening (10 July 2015).  If upgrades progress as planned, water restoration should start late Sunday Evening, (12 July 2015).  Unforeseen complications could delay water restoration to Monday morning.
  • Waterworks Street will be closed from the crossing with Jacobus Smith Avenue to the crossing with Reservoir Road.
  • Sol Plaatje will place water tanks at key points. The rest of Kimberley will be supplied with water from 6 mobile water trucks.
  • For emergencies and special events like weddings, funerals & parties contact the Fire Department on 053 832 4211
  • In a project with Sharon Steyn, Hancor Dairy will supply free water to residents from their premises at 33 Augustine Street in West End.  Bring your own container to be filled for free, 24/7.  Empty containers can also be purchased onsite @ R7 for a 5 liter container & R20 for a 25 litre container.
  • Residents are strongly advised to ensure they have enough water stored to see them through the weekend, and to only rely on the free distribution points in case of emergency.
  • Remember to switch off your geyser to avoid possible damage.
  • Be careful not to leave open any taps and double check that all taps are closed. An unnoticed open tap when water is restored may cause flooding or at minimum a waste of water.
  • The local hospitals have stated that they have enough backup water to handle all emergencies over the shutdown weekend.
  • Click here for a list of restaurants and businesses who have confirmed that they will be open for business as normal over the weekend.

Scroll down for more detailed information and complete notices

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Update 08/07/2015

This weekends city wide water shutdown is estimated to last roughly 48 hours.

Sol Plaatje Municipality is planning to commence the shutdown at 22:00 on Friday Evening (10 July 2015).  If upgrades progress as planned water restoration should start sometime on Sunday Evening, (12 July 2015).

Kimberley Sol Plaatje Winter 2015 water shut-downs DFAMunicipal Spokesman, Sello Matsie, said “We are not expecting the water cut to last longer than Sunday evening”.  This leaves open the possibility that complications may result in water being restored later than planned.

Sol Plaatje Municipality will distribute 50 000 litres of water in stationary  water tanks and through mobile water trucks over the weekend.  The location of the stationary tanks still have to be confirmed.

From Friday to Sunday Hancor Dairy will make 160 000 litres of free water available to  the public.

Four water tanks are stationed outside Hancor’s premises at 33 Augustine Street in West End.  The tanks will be accessible 24 hours a day during the water outage.

Mr Pieta Serfontein of Hancor Dairy said that two of the four tanks had already been filled with filtered water.

“Members of the public can bring their own containers and fill up for free or alternatively they can buy 25 litre empty containers at R20 each and  5 litre empty containers at R7 each on site. We are expecting long queues of people during the weekend but we are in the process of cleaning up the area so that there is ample parking. Security will be stationed at the tanks to ensure that the water is not tampered with. Water will be provided until our water supply runs out. We are offering water to the public as a way of thanking residents for their loyal support.”


WATER SHUTDOWNS 1st DATES CONFIRMED for 11 & 12 JULY 2015 – Update from From Sello Matsie Municipal Communications – Info Released Tuesday, 30/06/2015

Correspondence from Sello Matsie

The Sol Plaatje Municipality would like to announce the Confirmed dates of the Planned shutdown as Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th July 2015. The planned major shutdowns will affect the entire city of Kimberley, Riverton and Plaatfontein in order to allow for repairs and an upgrades to be done on the main pipeline from Riverton to the city, as well as the installation of zonal meters.

We can also confirm that everything has been procured and the sites are being prepared in advance to minimise the downtime. The month of July has been chosen because of the low water consumption in the winter months, as well as the fact that it is school holidays so disruptions will be minimal. We would like to give the assurance that everything is being done for a seamless execution of the repairs and instillations. Six places will be attended too, by two contractors teams while our own teams from Waterworks Section will conduct repairs on areas that have been reported. Each house hold is being requested to make adequate provision for the two days period, on average, we recommend that between 150 litres to 300 litres will be required per family while we would also like caution everybody on the safety children when storing such quantities. Contingency plans have been prepared to ensure that static water tanks and mobile tanks will be deployed throughout the city to supply water. This process will be managed by the Fire Emergency Services and the public can call the telephone numbers 053 8324211 in this regard.

The Sol Plaatje Municipality (SPM) realised during the past couple of years that their water business is not operating at optimum levels and that unacceptable levels of water losses are experienced. The water loss problem is compounded by commercial problems in invoicing and collecting revenue from consumers. The above is resulting in high levels of non-revenue water which is putting financial strain on the municipality. The objective of the Non-revenue Water (NRW) Minimisation Project was to evaluate the extend of the situation, investigate the causes and formulate and implement solutions to address the challenges and reduce the levels of non-revenue water in order to make the water business of the municipality more efficient and sustainable. The project is funded by the SPM.

The NRW Audit revealed that 45% of all the water produced (production on average 75 ML/day) was lost due to leakage in the system, 6.6% was wasted or lost in internal leaks by consumers who were not paying their bills, 10.1% was used by unauthorised/unregistered consumptions and 7.1% was not recorded due to lack of meter readings or problematic meters. In fact only 26.2% of the water produced was properly metered, invoiced for and paid for by consumers. Rehabilitation and Optimisation Plans were also presented to the SPM, which consisted of a Commercial Rehabilitation programme and a Network Optimization programme. The Network Optimisation plan proposed minimal interventions that would render the network functional, both for present and future demands and properly reduce leakage by as much as 30% and reduce electricity costs from pumping by as much as 20%. Recommendations include zoning of the system into 15 zones, installation of bulk meters, installation of pressure reducing valves where required, decommissioning of 26 km of unnecessary pipes and the installation of a total of 6 km of new pipes to facilitate flow and replace undersized pipes.


Sello Matsie
Communications Manager


Update From Sello Matsie Municipal Communications – Thursday, 25/06/2015

A planned water shutdown in Kimberley, which was provisionally scheduled to take place next weekend, has been postponed. We have encountered a technical hitch during pre-testing and therefore the two provisional dates, namely next weekend (the 4th and 5th) and the weekend of July 18th and 19th have been shelved. The planned two water shutdowns are being planned for Kimberley in order to allow repairs to be done on the main pipeline from Riverton to the city, as well as the installation of zonal meters.

Once everything has been procured and on site, suggested new dates will be officially confirmed and residents will be duly notified through all available media. Sol Plaatje Management would like to ensure that all systems are in place and everything has been planned accordingly. There is an indication that the necessary spares to do the repair work will be ready next week but we do not want to take a chance in case there are some delays. The month of July has been chosen because of the low water consumption in the winter months as well as the fact that it is school holidays so disruptions will be minimal. We would like to give the assurance that everything is being done for a seamless execution of the repairs and installations.


Sello Matsie
Communications Manager

(Christine Janse)

Update from Johan Smit, DA Councillor – Wednesday, 24 June 2015 via WhatsApp

Johan Smith DA Councillor at Francis Baard District MunicipalityWil net deurgee dat daar vele SMS’e, e-posse, What’s app’s die rondte doen met datums vir die water onderbreking. Wat ons op die stadium wel weet is dat dit vir Julie beplan word. Daar is regtig nog nie finale datums nie.

Ek het vanmiddag met Hennie Harding, Sol Plaatje, wat verantwoordelik gaan wees vir die kleppe vervanging aksies gepraat. Hy het bevestig dat daar al moontlike datums in vergaderings genoem is maar dat geen finale datums vasgemaak is vir die aksie nie. Die rede is dat van die onderdele wat geïnstalleer gaan word nog in die proses van vervaardiging in Johannesburg is.
Ignoreer dus alle kommunikasie is die verband uit enige bron ontvang.  Sodra ek die regte inligting/datums ontvang het, sal ek dit dadelik kommunikeer.

Wees uit die aard van die probleem wat kom proaktief. Maak seker dat daar voor die tyd genoeg drinkwater in jul huishoudings is en genoeg gebruikwater vir die spoel van toilette, skottelgoed was ens. ‘n Toilet se spoel gebruik tussen 5-10 liter water. ‘n Gemiddelde huishouding kan maklik gebruikwater van 100 liter per dag gebruik. Geysers gaan nie werk sonder munisipale druk nie, dus geen warm water vir die badkamer en skottelgoed was nie. Maak ander planne. Werk ‘n water noodplan vir jul huishoudings uit voor die tyd. Hoor voor die tyd watter bure boorgate het wat bereid sal wees om te help om water aan te vul. ‘n Swembad is ‘n wonderlik waterbron.

Die munisipaliteit/brandweer gaan gedurende die tyd met watertrokke water in woonbuurte verskaf, maar ek wil glo hulle sal nie die hele Kimberley kan dek met beperkte watertrokke tot hul beskikking nie. Tref dus so ver moontlik eie voorsorg.

As die konstruksie span nie die werk klaar kry gedurende die eerste naweek “shut down” nie, kan dit nog ‘n naweek herhaal en selfs twee naweke.
Soos meer inligting beskikbaar kom sal ek dit “post” .
Kontak my gerus.
Johan Smit

English Summary of above information from Johan Smit

The water shut downs are planned for July. Hennie Harding from Sol Plaatje Municipality has confirmed that possible dates for the water shut-downs was mentioned in meetings, but that no final dates has been set.  The reason being that some of the replacement parts are still in the process of being manufactured by a company in Johannesburg.

If work cannot be completed on the first weekend shut-down it may be needed to implement up to two more weekend shutdowns.

Please be proactive when the dates are announced.  Ensure that you have enough water for your household which can easily use 100 litres or more per day.  Find out if any of your neighbours have a borehole and are willing to share water with you.  For those who have swimming pools, it is also a wonderful source of water.

Sol Plaatje Municipality as well as the Fire Department will move through the city with water trucks during the shut-downs, but it is unlikely that they will be able to supply enough water for Kimberley this way.  Better ensure that you can supply yourself.


Kimberley Sol Plaatje Winter 2015 water shut-downs.

Sol Plaatje Calls June 2015

Major repairs, upgrades and replacement of valves are scheduled to take place during the winter season as part of the refurbishment work on the rising mains from Riverton to Newton Reservoirs, the implementation of the zone metering project as well as the installation of additional valves to enable localized pressure management and the ability to cut water to specific areas only.

The municipal spokesman, Sello Matsie, said that in order to conduct these upgrades,  there will be periods when the water supply will have to be cut to the city and also periods the water supply will  have to be cut to specific suburbs. “We have already completed the programme at the city reservoir, which means that we can now isolate various dams and regulate levels, and this has proved to be very successful so now we need to carry the programme out to the rest of the city”

“Two major shut-downs are being planned next month due to the school holidays and a meeting has already been held with the business sector as well as the hospitals as our biggest clients to get their input. Residents will be notified timeously of any shut-downs.”  To further lessen disruption the municipality hope to schedule these shut-downs over weekends.

As the project progresses, periods of water shut-downs to specific neighbourhoods will also be required in order to install valves, bulk water meters and new pipelines at certain places in the 15 zones in Kimberley.

The Municipality says that upon completion of this R31.9 million project it will be possible to accurately measure water use in all areas.  Waterworks maintenance & repair teams will also be able to isolate water supply outages to localized areas and so minimize the impact on users and curb water losses.  “Eventually through pressure management in the pipelines, it will be possible to keep pipe bursts to a minimum.”

The Municipality requested that “residents use water sparingly during the implementation of these projects and to really take hands with Sol Plaatje Municipality to successfully complete the essential upgrading of our water network to the benefit of all water users in the future.”

Although the majority of residents and business owners welcome the much needed upgrades to Kimberley’s water distribution network, some have expressed concern that if the cuts will take place in July the notice period will simply not allow enough time for planning.  With July and the school holidays fast approaching, one guest house owner stated that they already have bookings for 45 people on one of the possibly affected weekends. “How do we flush toilets and get 45 people showered without water? How do I cook and clean for all these people? Will the municipality give me the money that I am going to lose if I cancel these bookings? It is not small change!”

Update 22/06/2015 – Update from  Sharon Steyn via Social Media.

“Morning ALL: PLEASE take note there WILL be a water shutdown in the whole of Kimberley to upgrade certain areas. This will be happening in the school holidays and over a weekend. People will be given at least 10 days notification to prepare. Once I have the confirmed dates I will post them. THIS IS GOING TO HAPPEN and we need to prepare.
People please let’s NOT all start with frustration and moaning it is being done correctly and SP is giving enough warning. So please let’s all work together on this one. Will keep all posted.”

Sharon Steyn  “It [the water] will be switched off the Friday Night and back on during Sunday. If all goes well which I am sure it will”


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  • The DFA Page 3,  18 June 2015.
    Sol to cut water supply
    Jun 18 2015

    THE SOL Plaatje Municipality will embark on several water shutdowns in the city over the next few weeks to allow for refurbishment and the implementation of zone metering. Yesterday several areas in Galeshewe were without water due to an upgrade of…read more…
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