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How to log faults at Sol Plaatje Municipality

Residents guide on correctly reporting faults to The Sol Plaatje Municipal Infrastructure Call Centre.

Problems and faults need to be reported to Sol Plaatje Municipality before it can be entered into the queue of issues to be dealt with.

It is important to follow the correct fault reporting procedure or your problem may not be logged properly and resolved timeously.

All faults and problems should be reported via the
Sol Plaatje Municipality Infrastructure Call Centre at 053 830 6111, 080 122 9010 (toll-free) or via SMS to 44204.

Logging faults via Telephone

When reporting the problem make sure you give the following information to the operator.

  • The nature of the problem
  • The exact location or address
  • Your name
  • Your telephone number.

If your name and telephone number does not get recorded, it will be difficult for the Municipality to contact you if they require further information.


Note the date and time together with your reference number.  Also note the date and time of any follow up calls and keep a record of any related correspondence.
If possible take photos to keep a record of the problem.
All this help to ensure that the problem gets properly logged and make it easier if you call back for a status update or to escalate the issue.

Logging faults via SMS

Faults and problems can also now be reported via the  Sol Plaatje Municipality Infrastructure Call Centre SMS Line.

The SMS number is 44204 from all service providers: Vodacom, MTN, Cell C and others.
The cost per SMS is 86 cent, free SMS’s do not apply.

Please include the following in every SMS:
1. Nature of the problem
2. The exact location or address
3. Suburb of problem
4. Town eg. Kimberley, Richie
5. Name & Surname of complainant

When the job is issued to the Foreman, the complainant will receive a free confirmation SMS.
When the job is completed, the complainant will receive a free confirmation SMS.


Types of problems you can report tot he Sol Plaatje Infrastructure call centre.

  • Electricity Problems
  • Water leaks
  • Burst Pipes
  • Missing man hole covers
  • Rubble
  • Storm water system problems.
  • Sanitation system problems.
  • Potholes and other road problems.
  • All other problems related to Kimberley’s infrastructure as well as public places such as parks and open areas.

How long does it take

The length of time it takes for your problem to be solved depends on the type of problem reported, the severity and the available man power.

What if your  problem is not attended too?

If you feel you have allowed adequate time for a solution but the problem was not resolved yet, have your original reference number on hand and place a follow up call to enquire on the status of the problem.

If you still can’t get the problem resolved fill the form at  https://www.kimberley.org.za/sol-plaatje-call-centre-feedback/ and we will our best to get the right individuals involved.  Alternatively post the details to Kimberley Infrastructure Facebook Group
Include all relevant information such as the nature for the problem, the exact location or address, your call centre reference number, the date and time you reported the problem and if available any photos you took.

This group was established as a place where Kimberley’s residents can discuss infrastructure problems and help each other to make sure issues get the attention it deserves.
The Kimberley Infrastructure Group is also frequented by individuals who are passionate about service delivery in Kimberley and will help where they can.
This is NOT an official Sol Plaatje Municipality Group and is not run by Sol Plaatje Municipality.

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