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Riverton Outage could affect Water Supply

Sol Plaatje issued a notice that the power supply at Riverton will be interrupted on Wednesday 21 September 2016 from 07:00am to 19:00pm possibly affecting water supply to Roodepan, Galeshewe, Homevale, Homestead & Colville.

The duration of the Eskom repairs has been scheduled from 7am to 7PM on that day. Firstly, as a Municipality we will make sure that our reservoirs are full at the start of the repairs at Riverton. As a precaution we will further we keep one of the big reservoirs isolated just in case there are delays or complications from ESKOM operations. The Reservoir levels will drop regardless of when pumping will resume, though we are pumping continuously at the moment. Thus we will  isolate one large reservoir to avoid running the system dry.

Possible implications include that some areas abstracting water directly from the pumped line will be affected and a contingency plan will be put in place. These areas include the entire Roodepan, Galeshewe, Homevale, Homestead & Colville and consumers in these areas are advised to store water enough to sustain basic household water needs for 24hrs. Low pressure might be experienced in upper-lying areas while reservoir levels are low. We will also take advantage of the down time to do minor repairs and servicing of our own machinery at our Purification plant. The Municipality would like to apologise for the inconvenience, thanks.

-Via Sello Matsie, Sol Plaatje Communications Manager

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