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Kimberley Water Outage – Herlear, Cassandra & Surrounding Areas – 10/06/2021

UPDATE: 11 June 2021 – 11:33

The Contractor in the Central Road area is busy with house connections which may result in some houses not having water in the area. Water will be restored as soon as the fittings are connected.

Info via Ward 25 Cllr, Ockert Fourie.

UPDATE: 10 June 2021 – 17:10

We have received complaints from residents of Herlear regarding water supply over a few days. There are currently repairs in the area, and unfortunately there were valves partially closed however they have since been opened. At the same time we are struggling to keep reservoirs at safe supply levels for the City. The Municipality is continuing to sort out the supply issue in Milner Street and other reported cases.

Sello Matsie
Sol Plaatje Municipality


UPDATE: 10 June 2021 – 09:40

Many residents residing in Herlear, Belgravia, Cassandra and possibly some surrounding areas have been affected by a water outage since as far back as Sunday, 6 June 2021.  The main issue appears to be the water pipe repairs at the corner of Egerton and Main Roads near the Halfway House Hotel. We are currently waiting on new info as to when the issue will be rectified.

Areas Affected: Herlear, Belgravia, Cassandra and possibly some surrounding areas.
Time of Restoration: Unknown at this stage.

The following was posted by Ward 25 Councillor, Ockert Fourie.

Good morning everyone. I hereby request an urgent response and intervention regarding the total lack of water supply to residents in and around the Central Road area, some of whom are without water since Sunday. It seems the Contractor has withdrawn from repairs to the pipeline in Central Road, apparently due to the unavailability of certain materials needed to carry on with repairs, but there are also allegations that it is due to non-payment however, I don’t want to entertain any allegations and would appreciate a clear, honest and transparent answer to the submission, please!!! Residents as far as Old Cape Town Road in Beaconsfield are now also complaining about the lack of water supply since Sunday, hence my humble request for an urgent response and intervention, please.
Submitted on 9 June 2021 at 08h38.

Ockie Fourie
Cllr Ward 25
060 795 8670
064 421 1588
Email: ofourie5@gmail.com

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