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Kimberley Water Shutdown Update

Water shutdown Update.  Friday, 08/08/2014

On Wednesday Sol Plaatje Municipality send out a notice stating that water levers will be cut daily from 10pm at night to 5am in the morning until further notice.

On Thursday the news was that the situation is stabilizing and the nightly shutdowns could stop sooner than expected.  Sello Matsie said the water level had risen to 8.2 feet by mid morning Thursday.
Last night water was either not cut at all or only in certain areas.  El Toro Park and other areas had water through the night.

Currently there is a rumour going around that the water will be cut at 17:00 today and only be restored at 18:00 tomorrow morning.  This does seem to be incorrect as no confirmation on it’s validity could be obtained.

With very little information coming from Sol Plaatje Municipality, exactly what is going on seem to be anyone’s guess at the moment.  With water levels in the reservoir still fairly low, water sill running down waterworks street and no definite information on the state of the Riverton purification plant we strongly advise all residents to be prepared for water shutdowns at any time until the reservoir levels have been completely restored.

Times given by Sol Plaatje Municipality when the water will be turned back on is the time water is let back into the system and not when water will be available everywhere. Some residents report having water shortly after five while others still has no or very little water by 08 am.
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