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Kimberley Water Notice: Current Nightly Shutdown update 16/10/2013

Current Nightly Water Shut-down Update

On Monday 14 October 2013 Sol Plaatje Municipal spokesperson, Sello Matsie, stated that the situation at the Newton Water Reservoir is improving the nightly water shutdown will continue until the water levels in all dams have were at maximum capacity.  At the time the water level was up to 8.4 feet in the main reservoir from last week Thursday’s level of just under six feet.
“Currently we are pumping at full capacity on both the 600mm and 900mm pipes from Riverton to Kimberley and we hope to have the levels at the Newton Reservoir restored as soon as possible.  Until then, however, we will continue with the night shut-downs from 8pm until 5pm.  He further stated “The problem only becomes critical when the levels drop to below six feet because then we need to rely on booster pumps to feed water to high lying areas in Kimberley.”

Today Rdl Johan Smith offered his dismay about the lack of feedback from the Sol Plaatje Municipality.  “Last night I went to investigate myself after numerous calls from the community in regards with the water crises. the reservoirs are not coming up to level and the two biggest reservoirs are still virtually empty.  Last night at 19:00 the levels in the two small reservoirs was at 11’6″. Still long way off the target of 17″.  After that the two biggest reservoirs still have to be filled up. In my opinion the this water crisis will continue for several weeks.”


16:00 10/10/2013 Update from Sol Plaatje Municipality
The water levels are currently below 7.2 feet, shutdown will be at 20:00 PM EVERY NIGHT and NOT 22:00 PM AS INDICATED EARLIER.

We take this opportunity apologise to the Kimberley residents for the inconvenience caused


Sello Matsie
Communications Manager

12:00 10/10/2013 Notice Recieved from  Sol Plaatje Municipality

Due to unforeseen and recurrent problems with a valve on the 600mm rising main pipe line at Riverton Water Treatment Works, we lost a substantial number of pumping hours, leading to a larger than expected drop in the water levels at the Newton reservoir complex during the past hot days.

To enable us to build up the water levels again and to stabilize it at an acceptable level, we have to put measures in place to achieve this the soonest possible.

As from tonight, 10 October 2013, there will be a full water shutdown in the whole of Kimberley from 22h00 to 05h00 on 11 October 2013.

These nightly shutdowns between the mentioned hours will continue over the next number of nights.

You will be notified when the necessary water levels have been achieved and when the shutdowns will be terminated.

An appeal is made to all water users in Kimberley to conserve water as much as possible over this period.

We apologise for the inconvenience caused.

Sello Matsie

Communications Manager

Sol Plaatje Municipality

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