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Kimberley City House Burgled while Family Sleeps

When the Botes Family in Hillcrest, Kimberley went to sleep on Monday night, little did they know that they will wake up to find their house burgled.

Mr Botes woke up at 1am Tuesday morning and could still see the light shining from a digital photo frame with family photos through their open bedroom door.

At 4 am their youngest son, Rikus Botes, was woken by his alarm to study for his school exams, not knowing that sometime between 1 am and 4 am thieves entered their house while they were sleeping.

Only when Mrs Botes started to get ready for work she noticed that her handbag was missing. On further investigation the family discovered that their front door stood open, with the keys in the lock, and several items in the house was missing.

Apparently during the night the thieves climbed over the wall entering the back yard and broke into Rikus’ car where they  found a house key in the cubbyhole.  They unlocked the front door and stole Mrs Botes’ handbag, a Samsung galaxy tablet, a digital photo frame, Mr Botes’ wallet, the families digital camera and several other items.  They also had a snack from the fridge during their endeavour.

The thieves were polite enough to close the bedroom doors while in the house as not to wake the sleeping family, and also removed the memory card containing photo’s from the digital photo frame and left it in the house.
Rikus found his wallet discarded outside the house with his ID and drivers licence.
Mr and Mrs Botes was not so lucky as the intruders made of with their ID’s, driver’s licences and cards.

A case have been opened with the SA Police.

-Kimberley South Africa.  Tuesday, 10 September 2013.

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