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Kimberley Sol Plaatje Municipal Rates & Tariffs for 2016/17

Kimberley Sol Plaatje Water Tariffs, Electricity Tariffs &
Rates for 2016/17

Electricity increased with 7.5% while the average increase for rates, sewage, refuse collection and water went up by an average of 4.7%.

New residential & commercial water tariffs

Increased by 4%

• Block 1: 0-6kl – R5.27
• Block 2: 7-20kl – R22.41
• Block 3: 21-40kl – R25.23
• Block 4: 41-60kl – R26.68
• Block 5: more than 60kl – R28.50

Residential electricity tariffs

Increased by 7.5%

• Block 1: 0-50Kwh – R1.42614
• Block 2: 51-350Kwh – R1.95521
• Block 3: 351-600Kwh – R2.11538
• Block 4: 600Kwh – R2.24363

Commercial electricity tariffs

Flat tariff per unit –  R2.35615

Public Benefit & School tariffs

Flat tariff per unit – R1.95521


  • Tariffs for “Pre Paid” and “Post Paid” (read) meters are the same.
  • Tariffs for all suburbs in the Sol Plaatje Municipality are the same.
  • “Pre Paid” Electricity: The units already purchased in a particular month are cumulatively added together to determine the tariff block for following units purchased in the same month.


Readings & Estimates

Estimates are used when no physical readings were taken.
When physical readings are taken again, the estimate amounts charged are credited.
Each block are then adjusted pro rate to period since the last physical reading.

For example: If physical water readings are taken exactly 2 months apart the size of each block will be doubled for billing purposes.  Thus residents do not “move” into a higher rate block if physical readings are taken more than a month apart.

Real World Test

The test below was done by buying the indicated amounts in sequence in one month.

Amount Cumulative Rand Total Units Cumulative Units Total
 R      50.00  R      50.00 35.1 35.1
Split  R      50.00  R    100.00 29.9 65
 R    100.00  R    200.00 51.2 116.2
 R    100.00  R    300.00 51.2 167.4
 R    200.00  R    500.00 102.3 269.7
 R    100.00  R    600.00 51.2 320.9
Split  R    100.00  R    700.00 49.6 370.5
 R    300.00  R 1 000.00 141.9 512.4
Split  R    200.00  R 1 200.00 94.3 606.7
 R 1 000.00  R 2 200.00 445.8 1052.5
Total  R 2 200.00 1052.5

Residential Property Rates

Rates are calculated using the new valuation roll.

Although the value of most properties has increased, the factor used to calculate the amount is set to increase by 4.00%

• Up from R0.0093 per to R0.009688 in the rand on the property value

To determine your estimate new property rates –
Visit the Sol Plaatje Municipal Valuations Roll at http://www.solplaatje.org.za/valuations1.php.  Then multiply the value of your property with 0.009688
This amount is the yearly amount and needs to be divided by 12 for the monthly amount.

New Municipal Rates & Tariffs will come into affect on 1 July 2016.

Indigent Households

The municipality provides free basic services to the qualifying household as per the Indigent
Policy of the municipality. You can apply to be registed as an Indigent Household if the total
household income not exceeding R3 750 per month.  You also have to provide poof of occupancy on the property.

Free Basic Services provided
Water (6 kilolitres per indigent household per month)
Sanitation (free sanitation service to indigent households)
Electricity/other energy (50kwh per indigent household per month)
Refuse (removed once a week for indigent households)


This information section is relevant for all users of Sol Plaatje Municipal Pre-Paid Electrical meters.
If you are not billed according to the information below you are either buying from a vendor who add extra costs, or through a 3rd party vendor on contract with your body corporate, lessor or complex management.

When Should I buy Electricity?

It does not matter when during a specific month you buy electricity.
All units you buy are tallied during any given month, and you are billed the relevant block tariff for each unit according to block into which that unit falls.
The units already purchased in a particular month are cumulatively added together to determine the tariff block for following units purchased in the same month.
Buying R1000 on the 1st cost the same as buying R1000 on the 30th, as long as it is the first transaction for that month.  It is the same for any other amount.

How much electricity should I buy at a time?

The amount of each specific transaction does not influence the cost per unit.
All units in a given month is tallied, and you are billed the relevant block tariff for each unit according to block into which is falls.
The units already purchased in a particular month are cumulatively added together to determine the tariff block for following units purchased in the same month.
If you buy R1000 of electricity in a specific month the total you pay is the same no matter if you make one purchase of R1000, two purchases of R500 purchases or ten purchases of R100.

3rd Party Vendors

A complex referred to here can be any complex, living unit, lessor, retirement village or nursing home.

With this practise the vendor buy electricity in bulk from the Municipality or Eskom, and resell it at their own tariffs to the resident (consumer) governed by and agreement with the complex.
The vendor define the price per unit (or mark-up per unit), usually with input from the complex.
Any complex may introduce 3rd Pary Electricity Pre-Paid Meters.  The profit on electricity sold to residents are negotiated and shared between the complex and the vendor.


Dit maak nie saak, in watter area in Sol Plaatje jy bly nie jy betaal dieselfde. Vendors mag ‘n transaksie fooi ook bysit, wat kan wissel van 0-5% van die transaksie. Dit is dan veronderstel om apart op jou kwitansie vertoon te word.

Dit is maklik om te toets of jou vendor n ekstra fooi bysit of nie.  Wanneer hy jou eerste krag vir die maand koop, koop R5o, R100 OF  R1000 se krag.
Vir R50 behoort jy 35.1 eenhede te kry.
Vir R100 behoort jy 65 eenhede te kry.
Vir R1000 behoort jy 512.4 eenhede te kry.

Die stelsel hou rekord van jou aankoop geskiedenis vir elke maand. Elke keer as jy eenhede koop word ELKE eenheid volgendes die blok waarin HY val geprys, en jou volgende aankoop se prys berekening begin weer waar die vorige een opgehou het. Op die 1ste van die maand reset die stelsel en jy begin weer met die tarief vir 0 eenhede in blok 1.
Of jy R1000 op die 1ste van die maand koop of 4 x R250 deur die maand koop of 10 x R100 deur die maand koop jy gaan dieselfde hoeveelheid eenhede kry.

Dit gaan net oor die totale hoeveelheid wat jy in ‘n spesifieke maand koop nie wanneer of hoeveel keer jy in ‘n maand koop nie


Eenhede wat oorgedra word
Die blok tarief word bereken wanneer jy die krag koop, en nie wanneer jy dit gebruik of laai nie, dus.
1) As jy 200 eenhede aan die begin van die maand het(oorgedra van laas maand), sal dit geen invloed hê op die tarief van die eenhede wat jy in die nuwe maand gaan aankoop nie.
2) Die beste blyk te wees om slegs soveel eenhede te koop as wat jy gaan gebruik vir enige maand, aangesien eenhede wat jy in ‘n hoë blok aan die eende van die maand koop en oordra duurder is as die van jy aan die begin van die volgende maand koop.
NOTA: In die praktyk behoort punt 2 egter geen of ‘n BAIE klein effek te hê wanneer jy na die gemiddelde gebruik en koste oor ‘n paar maande of langer vergelyk.
Dit sal slegs ‘n merkbare effek hê indien jy groot hoeveelhede krag vooruit koop, b.v. krag vir twee of meer maande vooruit. Dan sal jy jou sommetjies baie mooi moet maak.

***Tariffs on this page includes VAT

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