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Nationwide Load Shedding Due to Silo Collapse at Majuba Power Station

—Update Sunday Afternoon

The Majuba Power Station provide roughly 10% of South Africa’s electricity.  If Majuba remain offline severe load shedding will have to be implemented during the coming days.
Eskom is brining in mobile coal conveyor belts systems from other stations as a temporary solution at Majuba.  If this is successful load shedding will be scaled down.

—-Sunday Morning

One of South Africa’s largest Electricity plants go down.

On 1 November 2014 Eskom notified the public of load shedding as of 2 November 2014, which will continue for at least the 1st week of November.

According to Eskom, the Majuba power station will reduce capacity by 1 800 MW due to damage to the central coal storage silo which occurred on Saturday afternoon. Eskom will start implementing stage 1 of rotational load shedding today (2 November 2014)  from 08:00 until 22:00.

“A silo, which houses over 10 000 tons of coal, cracked this afternoon impacting coal supplies to all six units at the power station resulting in the power station operating at reduced capacity of 1 300MW. No injuries were reported and teams are on site and are in the process of dispatching mobile coal feeders to site. In the unlikely event that this contingency is unsuccessful, it may impact the full supply from the power station. Eskom engineers are investigating the cause of the incident and more details will be released in due course,” said Eskom in the media release.

It has subsequently been learned that the silo has, in fact, totally collapsed





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Silo Collapse at Majuba Power Station

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