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Public Water Distribution Points

Members of the public with mobile water tanks on trailers or other vehicles can fill up Newton Reservoir.  Look for the Fire Department vehicle.

JoJo tanks are also at the Civic Centre to distribute water to the public; small containers only.  The public have to bring their own containers.

Hancor Dairies will have water available at thier premises be available their again from 17h0o tonight

The Saam Staan Kimberley Neighbourhood obtained 6 Jojo tanks for water distribution to the public. They will start doing rounds from 17:00 tonight (Thursday, 19/11/2015).  Be on the lookout for them in your area.
Here are the current SSK Mobile JoJos schedule.  We will update as they progress.
17:30 Riviera Spar, oop grond langs daardie garage!
19:15 New Park Black Straat
18:00 Reserve Road, Galeshewe
19:00 Rhodesdene, Carters Road, Voor JR Wholesalers!
20:00 De Beers! Parkie in Hull Straat!
20:30 Hercules straat 98, Herlear!
21:15  Park opposite main road in homestead
21:30 Park across square park across main road

SSK Mobile Jojos


Newton Reservoir Photos by Mariska Wiese & Wesley Thomas of Kimberley City Portal.

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