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Kimberley Water Supply UPDATE – April 2022

UPDATE: 30 April 2022 – 18:47

The team from Waterworks has identified the problem of the massive water problem and has isolated it to necessitate the necessary repairs. Luckily only minor repairs need to be carried out and the water supply to Kimberley need not be shutdown.

Ockie Fourie
Cllr Ward 25

UPDATE: 30 April 2022 – 17:26

Please be informed that a major water issue has developed on the 600mm water supply line to the Newton Reservoir. It seems like a scour valve has popped at Midlands near Epoch Poultry Farm. A team from Waterworks has been dispatched immediately for the necessary intervention. From experience gathered over the last 4 years it is a clear indication that Kimberley will be without water within the next 3 hours. Progress will be communicated regarding this issue.

Ockie Fourie
Cllr Ward 25

PLEASE NOTE: In the past when there were issues on the 600mm supply line, Newton Reservoir was usually switched off to do necessary repairs.

UPDATE: 09 Nov 2021 – 16:41

Newton Reservoir experienced a power outage at around 14h00 today, and unfortunately the storage tower ran empty. The pumps at the Reservoir are on. Some areas have low to no water pressure as the system and the storage tower needs to fill up before water pressure is restored.

The team from Waterworks is also busy with repairs to a pipeline in in the Carters Glen area which will affect some residents.

Unfortunately it is not known when water supply will be fully restored.

Info via Ward 25 Cllr, Ockert Fourie.

UPDATE: 09 Nov 2021 – 15:20

Many residents are reporting little to no water pressure in many areas from about 14:10. Newton Reservoir had a temporary electricity outage from 14:01 which lasted for about 20 minutes. Since then water has not been on again. No official word or statement has been released by Sol Plaatje Municipality as yet.

As soon as more info is available we will share out.

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