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TEMPORARY WATER INTERRUPTION 11-12 July 2020 – Kimberley

UPDATE: 11/07/2020 – 13:43

Both valves 600 and 965mm are in. Tightening and installation of actuators in progress.
Via Sol Plaatje Municipality

UPDATE: 11/07/2020 – 08:14

Riverton pumpstation was switched off at 12:00 midnight as planned. Contractor has already removed the first valve.

Most areas still have supply of water though.

More updates to follow


Via Sol Plaatje Municipality


UPDATE: 08/07/2020 – 12:08

Please note that Sol Plaatje Municipality will have a 24 hour Water interruption which is necessary to install two new valves at Riverton that will after completion allow both the 600 and 965mm bulk water lines to be isolated from each other and to be able to operate independently.

Date: Saturday, 11th July 2020 water should be back on in all areas on Sunday 12th July 2020 at 14:00.

Residents are encouraged to make their own provision for water but JoJo tanks in informal settlements will be filled prior to the shutdown

The municipality would like to apologise for the inconvenience to all the residents, businesses and all those who will be affected.


Following consultation with stakeholders the installation of two valves at the pump station will continue as scheduled from 11-12 July 2020.

The upgrading of the Kimberley bulk water supply project which commenced in 2019 is currently underway. The installation of the two valves will allow for the 600 and 956 mm lines to operate independently and enable any future maintenance to be done uninterrupted.

It is necessary for the valves to be installed whilst the demand on the network is at its lowest, therefore the supply of water will continue ten hours after the Riverton station has been switched off and supply of water will continue till 10am on 11 July 2020. As the municipality we are deeply encouraged by this positive development as it will improve the municipality’s network and water supply.
Water tanks in all informal settlements will be filled prior to the water interruption.

The Executive would like to further encourage all citizens to continue to use water sparingly. We must work together to save water. Let’s continue to hold hands together for service delivery.

The Executive Mayor wishes to express his appreciation to residents for their patience during this period and also thank all stakeholders for their support during this time.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Issued by:
Office of the Executive Mayor



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