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Water Outages in Kimberley 20/12/2015

Herlear, Klisserville, Cassandra and nearby areas have been plagues by water outages for the last 3 days.  Most seem to be related to a pipe burst on the c/o Du Toitspan & Carrington Roads.
There are also a water outages in parts of Homestead and bordering areas due to a burst pipe in Riverton Road.

Kimberley Water Outages 20151220

Photo via Sharon Steyn

Original message from Sharon Steyn:
“Here is the problem for Herlear and Milner Street also Carrington Road. They have to replace the pipe. I am trying to find out how far they are BUT nobody is answering. There was supposed to be an official message which I have been waiting for. Sorry all but here is the problem
More I can’t say.”

Notice from Sharon Steyn:
“No Water in Homestead burst pipe in Riverton Road. ..SP is busy.”

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