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Kimberley on the edge of another water crisis.

Kimberley residents may be hit by another water crisis after one of the hight lift pumps at Riverton failed to start up after Saturday’s load-shedding.

Sello Matsie, Sol Plaatje Municipalities Official spokesperson, yesterday stated in a notice that one of the four operational pumps at Riverton is down.

The water level in Newton Reservoir is currently at a satisfactory 14 feet, but if the problem cannot solved soon water usage will exceed the supply, leading to yet another water crisis.

A team from Sol Paatje Municipality is currently working with outside service providers to determine the extent of the problem.

“It has been flagged as urgent and we will have to wait and see what parts are necessary to repair the fault”

The Municipality has instructed the Parks Division to immediately cease all watering, and implore residents to use water sparingly and to avoid watering of gardens and washing of cars.

As a long term solution the Municipality has budgeted R12 million for new pump station with 4 additional pumps.  The existing pumping station has 5 high lift water pumps.  One of the pumps has been out of order since September this year, and with the failure a second pump the pumping station are only operating at 60%.

Full statement below

“We are currently pumping water at less capacity to the city from Riverton Purification Works after one of the High lift pumps froze after an electricity outage. A team is currently working on the problem with outside service providers to determine the extent of the problem though we want to place emphasis that this relate to spare capacity and the pumping into the Newton Reservoir. The current pumps are doing the delivery less. In order to safeguard our levels that are currently at 14 feet, we urge the residents to use water sparingly. We plead that no watering of the garden, washing of cars while we have instructed that none of our Parks be watered for this week. As part of the long term solution of the Water supply to Kimberley, the procurement of four pumps is being finalised through the supply chain process. This will result in a complete new pump station which be additional to the existing one. we will provide information on the matter on all available media”
Sello Matsie
Communications Manager
Sol Plaatje Municipality

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