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SSK Neighbourhood Water Distribution

The Saam Staan Kimberley Neighbourhood obtained 6 Jojo tanks for water distribution to the public. They will start doing rounds from 17:00 tonight (Thursday, 19/11/2015).  Be on the lookout for them in your area.
Here are the current SSK Mobile JoJos schedule.  We will update as they progress.
17:30 Riviera Spar, oop grond langs daardie garage!
19:15 New Park Black Straat
18:00 Reserve Road, Galeshewe
19:00 Rhodesdene, Carters Road, Voor JR Wholesalers!
20:00 De Beers! Parkie in Hull Straat!
20:30 Hercules straat 98, Herlear!
21:15  Park opposite main road in homestead
21:30 Park across square park across main road




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