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Photo Supplied by Kagisho Mokwena

Sol Plaatje Municipality Mayoral Councillors stop Royldene Park Fence

From Kagisho Mokwena 

#TeamSkabaHemisa Sol Plaatje Municipality Mayoral Councillors went and Stop certain individuals in Royldene whom plans was to Monopolies Libertas Community Park only for them and their Children to use it

This individuals was on construction by the time the councillors arrived, big remote control gates was built and it’s clear that only those certain individuals will have control over the gates not the Public

They claim reasons they are closing the Municipality road to the park is because on weekends a certain Race come there and drink alcohol in that park, playing loud music with their cars and that is bothering them as a Community

Councillors Ronney Morwe, Mariena Meintjies, Anna Boqo, Mpho Mugabe Moshweu says controlling people not to drink alcohol in the parks is a challenge in every area its not only in Royldene and that’s a matter they should take it to the Police since that is public drinking, but taking a illegal step to close a municipality Road it’s a sign of arrogance and to disrespect the by laws of this Municipality

A community park is for all not only for a particular individuals, if the Municipality fails to demolish this structures it will be unfair for the other communities that have the same challenges, we can’t have a small Orania in Sol Plaatje Municipality not other this new Council

Executive Mayor Mangaliso Matika is grateful that in his absence it doesn’t mean there is no council that can protect the rights of the people, councillors are playing their role to ensure that the by laws of this Municipality are being implemented fairly for all of us Black/White/ Indian and other” – Kagisho Mokwena 

Photos and text from Kagisho Mokwena 

UPDATE: According to residents the intention never was to close of the park to the public but to limit the entrance of at night. It is further stated that the  park is frequently misused and authorities are not paying attention to complaints.
Loud music and drinking are usual occurrences and residents are left to clean up rubbish, empty bottles and even used condoms.

Reportedly permission was obtained from Sol Plaatje Municipality before the start of the project

More details to follow


Mike Louw: Please note…. Never was it ever intended to close the park to the public at any time..

Kagisho Mokwena: You only wish to close it at night you mean?

Mike Louw: Yes… Only the road at night… Access still at the pedestrian entrance at the centre of the park…. Not at all what we have been accused of….

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