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There is no water crisis – Sol Plaatje Municipality

Amid the nightly water shutdowns Sol Plaatje Municipality insists that there is no water crisis in Kimberley.

The Sol Plaatje Municipal spokesperson, Sello Matsie, said that every time the main reservoir station reached critical levels, restrictions were imposed as a measure to buffer the city’s water supply and reserves.

On Sunday the levels at the Newton Reservoir dropped to 12 feet.

“The shutdowns or limitations of supply are only done as and when needed when we reach around 12ft levels at the Newton Reservoir.”

This afternoon the water level was at 13.5ft.

“Shutdowns will continue for a few days this week,” Matsie said.

During nightly water shutdowns, the outgoing water supply from Newton Reservoir is shut off at 20:00 and restored at 04.30am the next morning.

“The availability of water in various areas depends on the network layout and operational requirements. Critical areas will be the last to be fully pressurised.”

We are not really facing a water crisis. We are putting proactive measures in place to prevent a crisis situation. The current demand is exceeding supply due to a number of known reasons.”

“Under normal operating conditions, the supply seems to be less than the demand and should the situation be left without any intervention or unattended, the situation will then be regarded as a crisis.”

Matsie stated that there are no issues with the municipality’s bulk water supply infrastructure.

“Despite the hot weather conditions, we encourage our customers to conserve water and use it wisely.”

“Commissioning of the new pump station [at Riverton] will improve the pumping rate, however, this does not imply that our problem will disappear.

“In general, the city has grown and plans to expand/upgrade the infrastructure are gradually turning into reality. After completing the new pump station construction, focus will be on the Riverton plant as well as the bulk water supply mains.”

The new Riverton pumping stations was due to be commissioned this month, but Matsie said that the pump station would now only be connected in February.

“In December most people are on vacation and factories are closed and no water restrictions are planned yet by the municipality.”

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