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Yet another Water Crisis hits Kimberley

With the last nights water shutdown another chapter starts in Kimberley’s ongoing water crisis saga.

This come less than a week after Sol Plaatje Municipality responded to residents concerns about the millions of liters of water running down Reservoir Street, that there is no need for alarm.

At that time Sello Matsie, the spokesman for Sol Plaatje Municipality stated that water lever of 8.1 feet in the reservoir dams is not critical.
“While the levels are low, they are not at the point where it has become a crisis.  We would not like to be complacent, though, and would prefer the levels to return to the optimal 16 feet.

We are in a situation where we can isolate individual dams so that we can build up the levels again.”

Yesterday at 3 pm water levels in the reservoirs reached critical low of 7 feet  leading to the shutdown at 10pm.  Nightly water shut downs will continue indefinitely until water levels in the reservoirs can be restored to an acceptable level.

According to Sol Plaatje Municipality the latest crisis is due to faults on one of the two high lift pumps at the Riverton water purification plant.  A faulty bearing was discovered early last week but after the repaired bearing was installed on Thursday the electricity kept tripping.  It is not clear when the Municipality will be able to repair the faulty pump.  Currently the plant is only pumping 60% of its normal capacity to the City of Kimberley.  The combined capacity of the two pumps is 1200 liters per second, which has now dropped top 700 liters per second, which is less than the water demand.

Water will be shut down from 10pm every night until 5am the next morning until water levels have been restored.



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