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The Amageza Cross-Country Rallye Southern Africa – 2015

Scrutineering & Start at Gariep Motors in Kimberley 28/29/30 August 2015.

Spectators can watch the start tomorrow morning at 07:00 from Gariep Motors Kimberley.

Amageza Challenge was founded as a tribute to off-road riders & drivers with desire to test their physical & mental abilities over a multi-day rallye event. In the spirit of the old Dakar, where the only limit was the competitor, not the vehicle!

The Amageza Rallye is a navigation and endurance challenge for off-raod motorcycles, rally production cars and light rally vehicles. The rallye is based on events such as other international rallyes and the Baja 1000 mile, with long distance stages and navigation provided by road-books and GPS way-points.  The Amegeza Ralley provide a adventure bar none to competitors who yearns for the unknown. To cross mountains and wade through rivers where most fear to tread – and the brave win through for a coveted finisher’s medal.

Event Details at https://www.kimberley.co.za/events/amageza-rally-2015/
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About The Amegeza Cross-Country Rallye

Amageza Rallye History

Founded in 2011 by Alexander Nel, the Amageza Rallye will celebrate its 5th anniversary in 2015

Amageza’ is the local Southern African (Xhosa) word for ‘crazy’ – a vital ingredient you’ll need to brave this grueling rallye challenge and win through for a coveted Finisher’s Medal. Facing long marathon stages, competitors traverse ‘liaison’ & ‘special’ race sections, in the rallye adventure style similar to the Dakar Rallye event. ​First run in 2011, the Amageza Rallye is Southern Africa’s only multi-day, multi-stage rallye, with a daily moving bivouac that crosses a breathtaking, diverse variety of terrain: mountain ranges, dense African bush, giant salt pans, Karoo semi-desert, the world-renown Namib-Kalahari Desert, and the unforgiving Skeleton Coast

The Amegeza Cross-Country Rallye Logo

Logo History of the Cross-Country Rallye Logo

Like the Amageza Rallye the Cape Buffalo is a proud member of the ‘big five’

Unique to South & East Africa, the Cape Buffalo is the largest & most ferocious of the African buffalo.
Operating in tightly connected herds, these buffaloes have a reputation of working together to cross huge distances through various African terrain, while bravely protecting their members from any threat – including lions, crocodiles and hunters. With a sharp strategic nature, wounded animals have been reported to ambush & attack their pursuers.
Physical & mental strength; unity; bravery and determination… qualities this great African beast shares with the successful Amageza Rallye challenger.
Like the Amageza Rallye the Cape Buffalo is a proud member of the ‘big five’.

More information

AmagezaTV, Amegeza’s Youtube Channel.

The Amageza Rally Youtube Channel

Day 1 Scrutineering @ Gariep Motors Kimberley

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Amagaza Rally South Africa


City race ‘training’ for Dakar

Aug 31 2015

which they will have to follow meticulously in order to reach this location,” said Nel. “They will race for 850 kilometres and then spend the night at this location. They will then head to Botswana where they will spend the next three days travelling…read more…

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