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Stage 2 Loadshedding from 4pm Today, Thursday 4 Dec 2014

Update: Blackouts have started in Kimberley.  We received several reports from residents in Herlear and Cassandra that they are currently off as per the schedule.

Eskom just send out a notice that stage 2 load-shedding will be implemented from 4pm today.

When rolling blackouts are in effect the following schedule will be used.

Internet Updates on https://www.kimberley.org.za/tag/kimberley-service-delivery/
Facebook Updates on https://www.facebook.com/groups/KimberleyInfrastructure/
Full Schedule: https://www.kimberley.org.za/load-shedding-schedule-kimberley-sol-plaatje-municipality/

PT-20141204-Loadshedding-Kimberley-Thurdsay the following sechdule will be used.



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