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Potting Mix

  • 1 Part pre-soaked Coir Peat, also called coco blocks.
    Coir peat is a cheap but long lasting renewable resource so is a more responsible environmental choice (a waste by-product from coconut-processing industry). The finer product left behind after the husk fibre is processed is called coconut coir,  coir peat, or coco blocks – not to be confused with peat moss!
  • 1 Part Agricultural Vermiculite.
    Vermiculite is the silvery grey colour you often see in potting mixes. It is natural volcanic mineral that has been expanded with  heat to increase its water holding capacity and can come from a variety of sources. Vermiculite has a moderate CEC (cation exchange capacity) so can hold/make available minerals to the plants.
    – If unavailable, use coarse river sand
  • 2 Parts Compost.
    Preferably home made but a commercial certified organic mix is an alternative if you haven’t got your own.


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