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UPDATE: 29 September 2022 – 10:00

Kimberley receives its water supply from Riverton Water Purification Works (WPW), situated on the banks of the Vaal River. From 06 to 10 October 2022, Sol Plaatje Local Municipality (SPLM) will interrupt water supply to the entire Kimberley. This will be done by switching off Riverton WPW and Newton pump stations, closing valves on all reservoirs and draining the bulk water supply network.

Planned work for the water interruption include the following activities: 

  • Repairing leaks at Riverton WPW,
  • Repairing leaks on the 900mm and 600mm diameter bulk pipes from Riverton WPW to Mid-station,
  • Repairing leaks at Mid-station,
  • Repairing leaks on 600mm diameter pipeline between Mid-station and Newton Reservoirs (southern side),
  • Repairing leaks on the 965mm diameter pipeline, between Mid-station and Newton Reservoirs (northern side),
  • Addressing leaks at Newton Reservoir Complex, and
  • Addressing major leaks, and valve replacements on the internal distribution.

For the execution of this water infrastructure maintenance operation, the following schedule has been drawn, to outline sequence of activities from start to finish, and reinstatement of water supply:

Thursday, 06th October 2022 at 6PM: Switch off Riverton, Newton and Drain the system empty (12-18 hours)
Friday to Sunday (07th October to 09th October 2022): Commence and proceed with repair works at various sites (24-30 hours)
Sunday 09th October 2022 at 18:00: Complete repairs, and recommission Riverton and pipelines (2-4 hours).
Sunday 09th October 2022, 22h00: Start refilling the line (6 to 8 hours, pipeline filling mode only).

We anticipate water to be restored on Monday morning the 10th October 2022.

Roaming Water Tankers will drive through in all wards to make sure all residents are serviced. Residents are urged to have their buckets/containers ready when the water tankers drive through. JOJO’s will also be placed nearby all police stations in wards, JOJO’s will also be made available at the following municipal service centres:
• Newton Reservoir
• Sol Plaatje Civic Centre
• Emergency Services (Fire Station)

UPDATE: 14 September 2022 – 10:27

The Sol Plaatje Municipality will have a planned water interruption on the 6th October until the 10th October 2022. The reason for this interruption is to repair more of the leaks which have a huge impact on water losses, including the R31 and N12 roads as well.

More detailed information will be communicated to the residents in due course.

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