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Loadshedding expected from Saturday.

There is a  high risk of loadshedding this weekend: Friday 28 November (lower risk),  Saturday 29 November (High Risk) and  Sunday 30 November 2014 (VERY HIGH RISK).

Eskom expect to be able to meet electricity demands on Friday, but loadshedding is expected to be introduced Saturday and Sunday.

Eskom’s Andrew Etzinger stated that Eskom has been unable to obtain sufficient diesel supplies for their open cycle gas turbines, and water supplies are also running low.

The power grid remains under severe pressure, and the situation is very similar to last weekend’s.

“We are doing our best to stretch out our peaking power station capacity till the end of the week”.

On Sunday urgent maintenance will take place on the Cahora Bassa Transmission line, putting even greater strain on electricity supply capacity.

We urge residents to be ready for possible blackouts over the weekend with little or no warning.


Weekend Loadshedding Schedule 29/30 November 2014



Loadshedding Schedule for Kimberley / Sol Plaatje Municipality – https://www.kimberley.org.za/load-shedding-schedule-kimberley-sol-plaatje-municipality/

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