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Current Water Problems : Planned Water interruption at Newton Pressure Tower Thursday, 15 August 2013

Water interruption at Newton Pressure Tower

Water supply interruption planned for Thursday 15 August 2013 from 08:00 until around 14:00

The municipality will be completing the last outstanding work at the Newton reservoir complex, all outstanding work including the pipes at the pressure tower will be finalized which will result water supply interruption planned for Thursday 15 August 2013 from 0800 until around 1400 before the afternoon rush. Mainly high lying areas in Kimberley will be affected by the shutdown.

• The water management and zone metering project is currently in the beginning phases of implementation. As the project progresses, periods of water shutdowns will be required to install valves, bulk water meters and new pipelines at certain places in the 15 zones of the entire Kimberley. One major shutdown will be required at the bulk distribution pipelines near Newton, but water supply disruptions will predominantly occur at localized areas during these activities. This is just an early alert, residents will be informed of the detail of the disruptions before work starts in the relevant areas.

Upon completion of this R31,9 million project in December 2014, it will be possible to accurately measure water use in all areas, it will be possible to isolate local areas during pipe bursts to minimize the impact on users and curb water losses and eventually through pressure management in the pipelines it will be possible to keep pipe bursts to a minimum according to the non-revenue water minimisation study

• The project to Refurbish the Main Bulk Pipelines from Riverton to Newton will also start later in 2013. Advertisement for tenders has been placed. Periods of shutdown will be required to enable some work on the pipelines, such as replacement of old valves, fitting of additional valves and bulk meters, repairing of leaks at structures along the pipelines, amongst others. The shutdowns will be kept to the minimum and residents will be informed well in advance of the planned shutdowns. This first phase of the refurbishment is a R10 million project, to be completed by end of June 2014.
• Residents are requested to use water sparingly during the implementation of these projects and to really take hands with Sol Plaatje Municipality to successfully complete the essential upgrading of our water network to the benefit of all water users in the future. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Thanks to Sharon Steyn for keeping us up to date.

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