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KimberleyToday, Friday 28/12/2018

🗓#KimberleyToday, Friday 28/12/2018

Happy “Call a Friend Day” Kimberley!
Today is the day to pick up the phone and call that friend you’ve been meaning to speak with but somehow you just don’t get around to it.
If you have no friends to call today you can make a new one by getting chatty with a wrong number. Dial a wrong number and squeeze a conversion with the person who picks up. You might make a new phone friend or make somebody’s day.


NIGHTLY WATER SHEDDING: Due to low levels at Newton Reservoir the nightly water shutdowns will continue until further notice.


☀ Today:  Hot with sun and high clouds.
🌑 Tonight: Partly cloudy.
🌟 Max UV Index: 13
⛈ Thunderstorms: 24%
🌬 Wind: SE 13 km/h
🌬 Gusts: 26 km/h


🍴DAILY: Breakfast Specials @ Crazy Horse: https://www.kimberley.co.za/?p=33492
🍴DAILY: Everyday Specials @ The Crazy Horse Steak Ranch – Horseshoe Inn: https://www.kimberley.co.za/?p=31409
🍕DAILY: Super Pizza Special @ The Crazy Horse  https://www.kimberley.co.za/?p=32354
🍴DAILY: Pub Lunch Special @ Crazy Horse Steak Ranch: https://www.kimberley.co.za/?p=31796
🍔DAILY: McRoyale Special @ McDonalds: https://www.kimberley.co.za/?p=33540
🍗DAILY: Thumbs Up Feast @ Barcelos: https://www.kimberley.co.za/?p=31926
🍗DAILY: Birthday Celebration Special @ Barcelos: https://www.kimberley.co.za/?p=31924
🍕DAILY: Ke-Dezemba Box Promotion @ Debonairs: https://www.kimberley.co.za/?p=33248
🍕DAILY: Festive Feast Promotion @ Debonairs: https://www.kimberley.co.za/?p=33439
🍗DAILY: Flame Grilled Chicken Meal @ Steers: https://www.kimberley.co.za/?p=30601
🍔DAILY: Mega Ribster Meal @ Steers: https://www.kimberley.co.za/?p=29625
🐟DAILY: Platter For Four Promotion @ Fishaways: https://www.kimberley.co.za/?p=33550
🍕MON: Meaty Mondays @ Munchies https://www.kimberley.co.za/?p=6199
🍴MON2THU: Med Hake & Calamari  @ Fishaways https://www.kimberley.co.za/events/specials-and-promotions-where-to-eat/


🎸FRI: Busy Makin’ Bacon Live @ Crazy Horse https://www.kimberley.co.za/?p=33561
🎤FRI: The Pappas Live @ Star of the West https://www.kimberley.co.za/?p=33632
🎤SAT: Hannah E Live @ The Crazy Horse  https://www.kimberley.co.za/?p=31709


Water, Electricity and other infrastructure problems should be reported to the Sol Plaatje Call Centre. For more details on how to log faults see https://www.kimberley.org.za/log-faults-sol-plaatje-municipality/

Local Business Spotlight
RJF Services & Installations https://www.kimberley.co.za/?p=16390
For: DSTV, Satellite TV, Home Theatres, Alarms, Projectors, CCTV, Intercoms, Access Control, Biometric Readers, VSat Internet, Gates and Doors

Today in Kimberley South Africa - Weather News Events 2018/12/28

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