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Newton Reservoir Water Level 14/01/2018 - Photo Via Selo Matsie


The Nightly Shutdowns have been stopped around Wednesday 24/01/2018 with any notice from Sol Plaatje.

💦 07:00 SUNDAY, 21/01/2018 Kimberley Water Supply Status Update

According to Sello Matsie, the Sol Plaatje Municipality Spokesperson, Newton Reservoir is pumping now but started a bit late this morning.
NOTE: It may take a while for pressure to build in the system especially in high lying areas.

Three of the dams are now full at 16 feet and the fourth 91ML dam is at 12 feet. Once the forth damn is full the nightly shutdown is scheduled to be suspended.

Current Newton Reservoir Dam Levels.

  • 23 ML Reservoir 16 feet – AT MAXIMUM CAPACITY
  • 45 ML Reservoir 16 feet – AT MAXIMUM CAPACITY
  • 91 ML Reservoir 12 feet – 4 feet to go.
  • 102 ML Reservoir 16 feet – AT MAXIMUM CAPACITY

💦 07:30 MONDAY, 15/01/2018 Kimberley Water Supply Status Update

According to Sello Matsie, the Sol Plaatje Municipality Spokesperson, Newton starting pumping at 04:00 this morning.

Current Newton Reservoir Dam Levels.

  • 23 ML Reservoir at 16 feet – AT MAXIMUM CAPACITY
  • 45 ML Reservoir at 16 feet – AT MAXIMUM CAPACITY
  • 91 ML Reservoir – Current level not supplied
  • 102 ML Reservoir at +/- 13 feet

The 23 ML & 45 ML dams are full and has been sealed off.  Water is being supplied out of the 102ML dam.

Original Message:

[07:14, 1/15/2018] Sello Matsie: Mornings just an update. We started the Newton pumps at 04H00.
23 Reservoir at 16 feet
45 Reservoir at 16 feet
102 Reservoir at +/- 13 feet
Currently the 2 smaller reservoirs is sealed off and we are operating on the 102.
Flow Measuring will be at about 11H00 this morning
Sello Matsie

💦 08:20 SUNDAY, 14/01/2018 Kimberley Water Supply Status

According to Municipal Spokesperson, Sello Matsie, water levels at Newton Reservoir are satisfactory, the water tower is operational, all pumps are running, outgoing supply valves are open but  will investigate further on why some areas are reporting low pressure.
NOTE: The nightly 9pm to 5am shutdown will still continue till further notice.

💦 08:00 SUNDAY, 14/01/2018 Kimberley Water Supply Status 

Currently there is very low to now water pressure is large parts of Kimberley. No information on the reason is currently forthcoming from Sol Plaatje Municipality. The Infrastructure call centre also has no updates. Presumably this is due to an issue at Newton Reservoir.

💦 08:00 am FRIDAY, 12/01/2018 Kimberley Water Supply Update 💦

WATER Update report:

Riverton is pumping at full capacity and onsite reservoir is safe at 6.8ft.
Newton is running 2 pumps and the level is 11.1ft. We pumped throughout the night, but we are planning to stop Riverton pumps at around 3pm for pumping equipment inspection.

💦 10:50 am WEDNESDAY, 10/01/2018 Kimberley Water Supply Update 💦

See also former Sol Plaatje Municipal Councillor, Johan Smit’s view with regards to the water issues: https://www.kimberley.org.za/?p=18036

This morning multiple areas serviced by Newton Reservoir reported very low or no water pressure.  The Sol Plaatje Communications department, seemingly also in the dark, referred queries to officials in Infrastructure and Water Services which in turn was unreachable.

After once again being unable to source updates on the water supply crisis the Kimberley Service Delivery Facebook Page Posted:

Kimberley NOBODY wants to say anything except they are working on the problem. Maybe I should give out the MM cell no and everybody must call him and ask for an explanation…….. which anyway also won’t be the truth. 
😡😡 I am so frustrated as I can’t give you any answers and they just don’t care, it’s not a crises SP says so I don’t know why everybody has no water if it’s NOT a crises.

Sharon Steyn, Ward 24 Councillor posted on her Facebook Page

SP say we DON’T have a crises? Because of there negligence we all have to suffer without water. Pumps not been serviced? NO BACK UP PUMPS,????
Water Disaster Management Plan where is this??? Also DON’T have. 
THIS IS NOT ON!!!!!!!!!! How do we pay rates and taxes,Water to a Municipality that does not deliver??????”

Discrepancies in information from the Municipality have also been pointed out.  Someone asked in an inbox to KCP how is it possible that (according to Sol Plaatje Notices) there are currently 3 pumps running at the Riverton Pumping station when in November the Municipality stated that only 2 pumps can run at a time.

Yesterday Sello Matsie from the Sol Plaatje Communications Department stated:

The pumps are fully operational and there are no major leakages on the line. However, as a result of the recent hot weather and the current demand, the municipality is only managing to pump enough water to meet the demand. We are struggling to build up our reserves as we are using what is being pumped. We are hoping that there might be some rain soon which will bring relief to the situation.
We have three pumps and are pumping optimally. Currently we do not have any back-up pumps – the one is in Johannesburg and two officials are due to go to Johannesburg soon to find out what is happening with this pump.
The indication is that temporary repairs can be done on this pump, which will take about a week to complete. However, for the repair work to be done properly, it will take about eight to nine weeks to complete.
This is a concern because routine maintenance on the three working pumps, like the cleaning of the filters, also needs to be conducted.”

More from Social Media

Rudi Witteveen “Ek kon 7 dae laas stort, water druk te laag. Moet dus bad, vat 2 uur om genoeg water in die bad te kry.”

Maria Kleintjie de Welzim “9 tot 5 dan is daar nog niks water 8:30 in die oggend nie pragtig baie pragtig.”

Charmaine Paterson “Ja, dieselfde in New Park. Nou wonder ‘n mens wat is die waarheid, wat gaan regtig aan dat ons nie water het nie. Geen politieke party moet my stem verwag nie. Waar is die mense wat ons verteenwoordigers is? Wat “manage” die municipal manager behalwe om sy salaris elke maand te trek?”

Celeste Myburgh “Yip, probeer om te stort waar jy twee krane op ‘n slag moet oopmaak…dis omtrent soos ‘n reendans om die druppels op jou lyf te kry.”

Both Kimberley Residents and Ward Councillors have been slamming Sol Plaatje Municipality’s inability to provide frequent, detailed and accurate information during crisis situations.

💦 TUESDAY, 09/01/2018 Kimberley Water Supply Update 💦

The nightly 9pm to 5am water interruption will continue as Sol Plaatje Municipality is still building up reserves at Newton Reservoir

Water Update: Tuesday : 09 January 2018

The Riverton Purification plant is still pumping at full capacity of 3 pumps which is the maximum allowed. There is no major challenges on the system. The water consumption is also not decreasing but there is no drastic increase in the levels at Newton either. Supply will continue during the day untill the situation has improved. The Sol Plaatje Municipality regrets the inconvenience


Sello Matsie

💦 SUNDAY, 07/01/2018 Kimberley Water Supply Update 💦

The nightly 9pm to 5am water interruption will continue as Sol Plaatje Municipality is still building up reserves at Newton Reservoir

Please be advised that we are currently building up water reserves with 3 pumps running at the moment to supply the Kimberley Water System. The levels are picking up steadily but given the high summer consumption, we would prefer to build full capacity. The 2 mega reservoirs are at 80% while the other 2 smaller ones are currently at 60%. We will continue to build up by temporarily interrupting supply at night from Newton until levels have been restored 100%. We regret the inconvenience.
Sello Matsie


Thursday, 04/01/2018 Kimberley Water Supply Update

Sol Plaatje Municipality announced this afternoon that there will be nightly water interruptions from 9pm to 5am until further notice.

As previously indicated, one motor pump of pump number 10 which blew on Tuesday has been sent for assessment and repairs will be restored when completed. The backup pump number 8, which is used as a replacement has unfortunately failed to start due a problem with starter. This is being attended to and repairs should be complete asap. The other pumps are functional while our water reserves are also currently adequate at 12ft ( in Reservoir) 10ft (Reservoir 91) and around 9.9ft in the two smaller ones. In order to safeguard the reserves we will continue to supply water as normal during the day and use the evenings to replenish and false raise reserves levels. The time for the supply interruption will be from 9pm until 5am until further notice.

We urge society to assist in this process by reducing water which can be achieved by not watering the gardens and car washing for a few days. We apologise for the inconvenience.  

Kind Regards

Mr.Sello Matsie

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