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Weekend Loadshedding Updates 12/13/14 December 2014

Update 08:15 12/12/2014:  Eskom stated that the probability of load-shedding is low today, but there is a 50% probability of loadshedding some time over this weekend.

Update 06:42 12/12/2014: Updates will be posed as soon as the weekend loadshedding forecast is available from Eskom.

No information is currently available on the state of Eskom’s diesel supplies at their open cycle gas turbines or the water levels at the pumped storage schemes.  In the case that those reserves start running low Eskom may be forced to implement loadshedding

Eskom Power Alert Status Details Black -Status Graph

Update 00:00 12/12/2014: Eskom spokesperson Khulu Phasiwe projected that if the pressure on the national grid remains as is there will be no load shedding till further notice.

“For firmer details as to what will happen or what the projection or outlook is for the weekend – we will give those kinds of details once we have assessed the situation but at this stage, there is no plan to load shed over the weekend,” he said.

Ankerlig OCGT near Cape Town use 425 000 litres of Diesel per hour and Gourikwa OGCT near Mosselbay use 236 000 litres per hour.

The National power-gird is expected to still be under heave strain today, with very little spare capacity.


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