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Watershedding Tips

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  • During a water outage or shutdown, switch off your geyser trip switch(es) on your DB board.
    • You will save electricity by not heating water you will not be using.
    • You can avoid a burnt out element in case your non return valves are not functioning correctly and water drains out of your geyser through the inlet pipe.
  • Fill up bath tubs in your house as an extra water source.
    • If you have small children in the house you should lock the bathroom door as a child can possibly drown in the bathtub.
  • If you have a swimming pool, make sure it is clean and topped up, as it can be your largest most effective water source during an outage.
  • Never use containers which was used for any chemicals, industrial or poisonous substances to store water.

Tips which will cost money

  1. If you have the finances, a JoJo tank coupled to a pressure pump is an excellent investment.  If you will be going the DIY route remember to add a non return valve after your municipal water meter.  This will prevent losing your water supply by back flow into the municipal system during unplanned outages.

SSK Neighbourhood Water Distribution

The Saam Staan Kimberley Neighbourhood obtained 6 Jojo tanks for water distribution to the public. They will start doing rounds from 17:00 tonight (Thursday, 19/11/2015).  Be on the lookout for them in your area. Here are the current SSK Mobile JoJos schedule.  We will update as they progress. 17:30 Riviera Spar, oop grond langs daardie garage! …

Public Water Distribution Points

Members of the public with mobile water tanks on trailers or other vehicles can fill up Newton Reservoir.  Look for the Fire Department vehicle. JoJo tanks are also at the Civic Centre to distribute water to the public; small containers only.  The public have to bring their own containers. Hancor Dairies will have water available at thier premises …

Giant Riverton Pumping Station Fountain

Around 11am today photos of what seem to be a major leak on the Supply-line from Riverton Pumping Station to Kimberley surfaced on Social Media. At this time no feedback or any statement is forthcoming from Sol Plaatje Municipality. Presumably such a leak would be extremely difficult to repair without shutting down the high pressure pipeline. Depending …

Kimberley Watershedding, 17/11/2015

UPDATE 18/11/2015 SOL PLAATJE HAS SUSPENDED  WATER SUPPLY TO KIMBERLEY UNTIL TOMORROW MORNING 4Am CLICK HERE FOR ALL THE DETAILS KIMBERLEY WATERSHEDDING TONIGHT 22:00 TO 05:00 17/11/2015 To help stabilize the levels at Newton Reservoir watershedding will be introduced in Kimberley from tonight (Tuesday, 17/11/2015) 22:00 to tomorrow morning 05:00. Watershedding will continue nightly until the …

Kimberley, Current Water Outages 17/11/2015

Due to cable damage at Newton Reservoir Sol Plaatje currently can’t pump water into the cities water distribution network.  Areas affected include Rolydene, Labraham, Du Toitspan Road, Monument Heights, El Toro Park, Belgravia and others. The telephone lines at the Sol Plaatje Call Centre is currently down.  Please use the SMS fault logging system to report …

City Wide Water Shutdown 13-15 Nov 2015 – Details & Updates

Shortlink for this post: https://www.kimberley.org.za/?p=6011

Kimberley Water Shut-Down: When will the water be restored?

This thread is being closed.  Se the following page for continuing updates. City Wide Water Shutdown 13-15 Nov 2015 – Details & Updates UPDATE 07:00 16/11/2015 Water starting coming back on in low laying areas before 7am this morning.  Water take considerably longer to reach high laying areas such as El Toro Park. Water restoration …

Water Tank Locations – Water Shutdown 13-15 Nov 2015

Water Tank Locations for this weekend’s Water Shut-down. This list will be updated when new locations are added, and the mobile water truck schedule will be added when available. There will be six mobile water trucks that will cover areas not included in the list. In a project organized by Sharon Steyn, Hancor Dairy will …

City Wide Water Shutdown 13-15 Nov 2015

Updates on the Water Shut-down and Restoration is availalbe @ City Wide Water Shutdown 13-15 Nov 2015 – Details & Updates ——————— There will be a City Wide Water Shutdown from 5pm on the evening of Friday, 13 November 2015 to the Morning of Sunday, 15 November 2015 to enable the replacement of two valves on the main pipelines feeding …

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