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Kuruman N14 Sinkhole

WARNING: Sinkhole on the N14 Kuruman

Warning about the Sinkhole on N14 Road

“Ga-Segonyana Local Municipality would like to inform and warn the communities of Ga-Segonyana of the Sinkhole that has occurred on the N14 Road infront of the Kuruman Hospital in Kuruman town. The Sinkhole occurred due to the heavy rain which has caused the soil underneath the tarred road to sink below ground level. The Ga-Segonyana Technical Department has contacted SANRAL to assist in terms of fixing the road as it is a national road and the Sinkhole must be studied first before being fixed. The two lanes going from Kuruman to Kagung has been closed until further notice and there are road warning signs put up to indicate danger on the road. The two lanes that were used as entry road into Kuruman town from Kagung direction has been split and one lane used to go into town and the other lane out of town. The communities will be updated as the progress of the road fixing proceeds.”

Press release, 10 April 2018
Issued by Communication Unit:
Contact numbers: (053) 712 9300
Email: registry@ga-segonyana.gov.za
Physical address: Cnr Voortrekker and School Street, Kuruman
Facebook: Ga-Segonyana Local Municipality

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