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Two killed, one injured in N14 Kathu collision

Two people were killed earlier this evening on the N14 between Kathu and Olifantshoek, Northern Cape.

Shortly after 7pm paramedics arrived on the scene where they found a bakkie lying on its roof in the nearby veld. Another vehicle was found with severe damage in the middle of the road.

Kathu N14 Accident 2Two men, believed to be ejected from the bakkie, were found with fatal injuries near the vehicle. A woman in the light motor vehicle was found with moderate injuries. Paramedics assessed and treated her before transporting her to Lenmed Hospital.

There was nothing that paramedics could do for the two men and they were declared dead on the scene.

The scene was handed over to the local authorities. An investigation into the cause of the collision will be conducted.

It is understood that the collision occurred on the exact same spot where two men were left in a critical condition after their vehicle spun out of control earlier this afternoon.

First published on ER24


Earlier the afternoon an accident occurred on the same spot.

Shortly after 2pm paramedics from ER24 arrived on the N14 in Kathu towards Olifantshoek where they found one person ejected from the vehicle and another still severely trapped in the vehicle.

The third occupant of the vehicle was found near the wreckage. It is believed that he climbed out of the vehicle shortly after the incident.

A woman on the scene, believed to be the wife of one of the critically injured men, explained to paramedics that she was driving behind the vehicle when she suddenly saw black smoke and saw the vehicle spun out of control.

PT-Kathu-N14-Accident-20160716-03They were on their way home from a funeral.

Paramedics had to call Rural Metro Rescue to assist with the extrication of the critically injured man. Several rescue tools were used to free him from the wreckage.

He sustained several severe lacerations, fractures and a possible head injury.

The man that was ejected from the vehicle was also in a critical condition and treated for multiple injuries. The third occupant was found with moderate injuries.

They were all treated on the scene and rushed to Lenmed Hospital for further medical care.

The exact cause of the incident is not yet known. Local authorities attended the scene.

Kathu N14 Accident 4Werner Vermaak, ER24 Spokesperson

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