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Kimberley Regiment at the Kimberley Sanatorium during a sports day during the siege
Kimberley Regiment at the Kimberley Sanatorium during a sports day during the siege


6 January 1983: Armed robbers make off with R14 000 from a business situated in Cheapside.
6 January 1983: Jan Jacob van der Westhuizen, the gunman responsible for the deaths of three people on 2 January 1983, dies in Kimberley hospital, 1983
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6 January 2010: A 20-year-old man in was arrested in Club 2000 Galeshewe in connection with the brutal murder of a 15-year-old girl.


THE DIARY OF A DOCTOR’S WIFE – During the Siege of Kimberley October 1899 to February 1900
by Winifred Heberden.

Jan 5th 1900. Some of the Mounted Troops under Colonel Peakman with gun made a reconnaissance this afternoon in the direction of and beyond Hull’s Farm. Jack remained at the latter place. There was nothing dangerous done by the Boers, who drove off their cattle in a great hurry, and many were seen to be in full flight.

Our men, and also the guns at Wesselton, dropped a few shells into the Boer laager, and then the Troops returned.

Jan 6th 1900. The permission to water gardens has been abruptly taken off owing to the selfishness of some people who left the water running all night to water their plots – 38 000 gallons being used in one night.

An outbreak of influenza at the Mounted Camp has greatly increased the sick list, and though the allowance of half a lb. of meat to the troops has not been reduced, as our own has, it is not nearly enough to keep the men in good health, especially in a country like this where they eat much more meat than anything else.

Hans Badenhorst, a Coloured boy from Barkly, came in with letters for certain people. He reports that meat and breadstuffs are very short in Barkly. I sent off a letter to Frank, but was not allowed to send any war news, of course.

Jan 7th 1900. A quiet day, being Sunday, though there was an attempt on the part of the Boers to capture some of our cattle. Sixty Dutchmen dashed forward towards Kenilworth, but the moment the Maxim turned on them they fled as fast as they could.

(Pictured is the Kimberley Regiment at the Kimberley Sanatorium during a sports day during the siege).

From Kimberley Calls and Recalls on Facebook By Steve Lunderstedt

7 Jan 2010 in The Diamond Fields Advertiser

THE TIRELESS efforts of members of the Detective Services at the Kagiso Police Station paid off when they arrested a 20-year-old man in connection with the brutal murder of a 15-year-old girl. The suspect was arrested on Tuesday.

Police spokesman, Captain Tony Modise, said yesterday that the suspect was arrested in Club 2000 in Galeshewe where the crime took place. Keamogetswe Modise’s body was found on New Year’s Day with multiple stab wounds to her neck and wrists.

It is believed that a passer-by found Modise’s body in a stormwater drain. Police suspect that she was dragged from the residential area into the veld where she was stabbed. The motive is still unknown at this stage.

Modise added that evidence from the crime has been collected and will be sent for further forensic investigation.

Station Commander, Superintendent Hakim Mohammed yesterday praised and thanked the investigating team for their efforts.

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