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Massive Storm hits Kimberley - Photo by Jolandy Dimond


UPDATED: 24/02/2021

24 February 1944, Master Builders Association of Kimberley re-constituted.
24 February 1967, Finsch Mine officially opened by Dr T E Donges.
24 February 2015, Massive storm hits Kimberley – 100 mm of rain in less than an hour.

The Quick and the Wet

A massive and violent storm, including hail, hit Kimberley on the afternoon of 24 February 2015, dropping some 100mm (4 inches) in less than an hour.

Homes, businesses, malls and shopping centres were flooded in ankle deep water, many trees being uprooted.PT-Massive_Storm_hits_Kimberley-2015-02

Worst hit was Galeshewe. A substation failed causing power failures that lasted several hours. One area had no power for several days. Tlhageng, a middle class suburb, was flooded when the Kagisho retention dam overflowed. The Mayibuye Centre was also damaged.

Sol Plaatje Municpal Mayor David Molusi said that “We spent the whole day in the control room responding to calls by irate residents … We have prioritised Tlhageng as it is the worst hit. We asked our technical teams and EPWP (Expanded Public Works Programme) workers to clean the mess in people’s homes, including attending to the water retention dam.”

PT-Massive_Storm_hits_Kimberley-2015“We have assessed the damages as the municipality and will engage the Premier and other role players, like the department of social services, for blankets, food and accommodation at the RC Elliot Hall … We understand that people are upset, but we ask for calm,” he said.

A brand new car was also submerged in the Beaconsfield subway.

(Photographs by ER24 and Jolandy Dimond.)

24 February 1944, Master Builders Association of Kimberley re-constituted.
24 February 1967, Finsch Mine officially opened by Dr T E Donges.
24 February 2015, Massive storm hits Kimberley – 100 mm of rain in less than an hour.

A meeting was held at 20h00 on Thursday February 24 1944 in the Council Chamber of the City Hall Kimberley, at which it was resolved that “a Master Builders’ and Allied Trades Association be formed in Kimberley”, the resolution being proposed by Mr A Hodgetts and seconded by Mr H.A. Armstrong. It was also agreed that “the Secretary request the assistance of the National Federation of the Master Builders’ Association of South Africa, in the organization of this association and hereby apply for affiliation.”


Finsch Mine officially opened in 1967

A further meeting was held on August 3 1944, where Mr J.W. Coppenhagen, the Labour Inspector, and Mr H.T. Bohnen of the Labour Department were present, it was agreed unanimously that “an association be brought into being immediately and that this body be named, Kimberley Builders and Allied Trades Employers’ Association”, and “that the area to be governed by this body be the municipal area of Kimberley.” It was also agreed to co-operate with the Builders Workers Union and/or other bodies with a view to obtaining the appointment of a Conciliation Board for the building industry in Kimberley. Mr W.S. Dickerson of the Labour Department was thanked for drawing up the draft Constitution – applicable to a body of Building employers – and which was unanimously accepted by the meeting.

On October 9 1944 Mr J.C. Varrie was elected Chairman and Mr G.A. (Jos) Verheyen the Vice Chairman. Mr D.P. Veary was appointed Secretary – at a salary of ₤7 and 7 shillings per month, plus cost of living allowance. It is worth recording the members that comprised that first committee, and whom they represented: H.A. Armstrong (Electrical interests); F.T. Hendrickse (Building); A.H. Hodgetts (Timber); W. Henderson (Painting); V.A. Norton (Plumber); V.A.C. Barnes (Electrical); and P.W. Dobson (Building). Mr J. Michael was co-opted after H.A. Armstrong turned down his election. The association had been re-started on a sound business principle and began operating immediately. The other important matter of those early meetings was that an account be opened at the Standard Bank of South Africa, Limited.

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