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Stop Street Shopping

Stop Sign Shopping at the North Cape Mall

This North Cape Mall Stop Sign was on it’s way to scrap dealers

This morning Sol Plaatje’s Communications Manager, Sello Matsie, came upon this trolley loaded with a stop sign from the North Cape Mall.  Unfortunately the perpetrators were nowhere to be found. Mr Matsie had the the traffic department pick up the sign.
Mr Matsie stated that there is a huge problem with the theft of stop signs, man hole covers and post boxes in the city. “My appeal to the Mall Properties is that security should be more vigilant as trolleys also find its way from the parking bays.”

Bricks peddled from shopping carts in Kimberley

Bricks peddled in Hillcrest

Reports on social media also show that shopping trolleys are being used as a “free” transport method in the commitment of various crimes in Kimberley.  Cases have been reported where criminals steal bricks from residential areas where construction is in progress, loading it into shopping trolleys to be peddled through the streets.  Shopping trolleys also serve as a convenient disguise, as most people don’t look twice when an individual pushes a trolley down a street, usually assuming it’s a unemployed person collection garbage items with value.  This allow opportunist burglars to roam residential areas while hiding their loot in plain sight in a shopping trolley.

Suspicious behaviour can be reported to SAPS on 10111 and also on the Saam Staan Kimberley Facebook Group.

Stop street photo courtesy of Sello Matsie – Sol  Plaatje Municipal Communications Manager.
Bricks photo courtesy of Mapogo Kimberley.


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