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Loadshedding Warning 16-17/12/2014: DOWNGRADED TO LOW

07:00 17/12/2014: Although all four generating units which went offline yesterday have been restored the power grid remains under strain.


18:00 16/12/2014: Eskom has managed to bring 2 of the 4 generating units which failed this morning back online. This leaves a medium risk of loadshedding.
Lighting struck two units at Eskom’s Matimba coal plant while a unit each at the Duvha and Matla stations were hit by mechanical problems, knocking out 2,530 megawatts of generation capacity, Phasiwe said in a phone interview. The damage has been fixed at one of Matimba’s units and at Duvha, Khulu Phasiwe said.

“We are cautiously confident that we will not have to load shed. We would like to remind everyone that our power system is very vulnerable. When we have a problem like this it will send shivers across the user network. The risk now is moderate at this stage”

10:30 16/12/2014: Eskom lost 4 power generating units this morning, increasing the risk of loadshedding. Please switch off all non-essential appliances.

Eskom’s Khulu Phasiwe says technicians are still trying to establish what caused the generators to stop working. He however says they are working round the clock to fix them.
“This morning we lost the use of four generating units which increases the risk of load shedding for today and possibly for the rest of the week. However, our technicians are still working on the four units, to determine what the cause was.”

Offline units

  • 2 x Matimba
  • 1x Duvha
  • 1x Matla

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