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Load Shedding might continue on Saturday and Sunday 21-22-23/11/2014

Eskom has indicated that load-shedding and rolling blackouts will continue through the Weekend and possible until next week Wednesday.

Eskom’s daily forecasts indicate a severely constrained electricity supply capacity until Wednesday.

Although the electricity supply is not expected to be heavily strained on Saturday and Sunday, weekend load-shedding will help Eskom  build up reserve for the coming week.

Unforeseen technical problems and depleted water and diesel reserves forced Eskom to implement Stage 1 load-shedding at 1pm on Friday 21 November 2014, which was raised to Stage 2 load-shedding later in the afternoon.

Kimberley Residents can monitor the Electricy Tag on our websitehttps://www.kimberley.org.za/tag/electricity/

Facebook users can join the Kimberley Infrastructure group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/KimberleyInfrastructure/

When Eskom experiences a generation capacity shortfall on the National  Power grid, Load Shedding is immediately required in order to maintain national network stability. During such an event, all Power Utilities are required to contribute to the national shortfall by reducing load in accordance the National Load Shedding Plan.

The Sol Plaatje Municipality Load-shedding timetable will be used, when ever Eksom instruct the Municipality to implement load-shedding.

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