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Kimberley Water Supply UPDATE – 17 Jan 2023

UPDATE: 17 January 2023 – 16:07

The storage tower at Newton Reservoir was totally empty which has resulted in very low to no water pressure in various areas. I’ve communicated with two senior officials of Waterworks regarding this unresolved issue and it was discovered that the pumps were pumping at less than half capacity.

The valves have now been opened in order for the pumps to pump at full capacity. The storage tower is now at full capacity and water supply pressure should gradually increase over the next hour or two.

Ockie Fourie
Cllr Ward 25

UPDATE: 15 January 2023 – 17:30

The maintenance team of the Municipality managed to start the fifth pump at the oval Tower at approximately 10AM this morning, and it has since shown us that the reservoir levels are picking very well, once it reaches 8Feet we will now be able to start the 3 High Lift Pump, which will allow us to pump at maximum capacity.

The nightly shutdowns will still be implemented from 20:00pm-04:00am until we have reached full capacity.

We thank you for your patience and understanding for this inconvenience especially with the heatwaves we are experiencing.

T Riet

UPDATE: 15 January 2023 – 10:14

The Low lift pump No.5 at the oval tower which was sent for repairs is now back in operation.
This means that there will be sufficient raw water pumped to the treatment plant, this will assist in stabilising the water supply.

The nightly water shutdowns will still continue daily from 20:00pm-04:00am until levels have reached full capacity.

T Riet

UPDATE: 14 January 2023 – 14:06

A malfunction on a valve at Newton Reservoir was detected earlier today which has been attended to in the meantime. There is a slight increase in the dam levels since yesterday. The 45 ML dam is however still empty and I have requested feedback regarding this matter.

Water pressure will slowly increase during the day as the mass storage tower is filling up gradually.

Installation of pump no. 5 at Riverton Pumpstation should also be completed by late afternoon. This will greatly assist to increase water supply to the Newton Reservoir.

Ockie Fourie
Cllr Ward 25

UPDATE: 13 January 2023 – 17:38

I visited the Newton Reservoir earlier this afternoon. Water levels are at about 50% capacity. The level at the bulk storage tower is also a bit low.

Two of the 3 pumps are at full capacity. Hopefully the 3rd pump will be commissioned sooner than later as this could alleviate the supply of water and nightly shutdowns be discontinued. The highlift pump no. 5 at Riverton will hopefully also be operational very soon.

In the meantime it is advisable to use water as sparingly as possible during this extremely difficult and stressful time in searing heat conditions.
I will keep track of progress of the water levels at the Newton Reservoir.

Ockie Fourie
Cllr Ward 25

UPDATE: 11 January 2023 – 18:49

The Municipality started observing the dropping of water levels going down on Sunday, 8th January. An investigation was then conducted and it was discovered that one of the highlift pumps was tripping at Riverton. The setting on the pump was continuously tripping when the water levels at the reservoir were at 50%, this was not suppose to happen. The pumps are set to only trip when the levels reach 30% at Riverton. Each time the pump trips, we experienced a downtime of 2 hours which resulted in water levels dropping at the Newton reservoir.

The Pumps operate with a software which is used to set the safety parameters of the pumps, this was resolved on Monday. The pump is no longer tripping, and there is now continuous pumping of water through the two main pipe lines which supply water to Kimberley. One highlift pump which pumps clean water to Kimberley Has been repaired and put back to operation on the 10th January after its electrical panel exploded.

The Municipality’s maintenance team is also working on the repair of the 5th raw water abstraction pump at the river. This pump, after being repaired and put back to operation will ensure that there is sufficient raw water to the treatment plant. This operation has already started and will be completed over the weekend.

Nightly shutdowns will continue from 20:00pm -04:00am until levels are up to normality. We are aware of the inconvenience caused by this sporadic mishap in the city, and we are doing our best to bring this back to normality.

T Riet

UPDATE: 11 January 2023 – 11:20

Many areas in Kimberley are currently experiencing little to no water pressure.

I’ve checked and Newton Reservoir is not currently switched off, but water levels at one of the dams is low. Two pumps are running.

If the municipality provides any official updates or explanations, I will let residents know.

Info via Ward 24 Cllr, Chris Whittaker.

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