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UPDATES – Water Shutdowns August 2019

WATER SUPPLY UPDATE 19:00 Friday, 16 August 2019 

Nuwe Riverton Pomp Stasie: Ons het nou begin Pomp van af Riverton. Alles loop mooi met die nuwe pomp stasie. Dankie almal. Sello Matsie

WATER SUPPLY UPDATE 16:00 Friday, 16 August 2019 

The electrical contractor has successfully completed the electrical connection of the new Pump Station. The two existing pumps had struggled to start with both pumps running at 3 am. One pump continuously short-circuited but has been sorted out. Both pumps are running however levels at newton is still below pumping capacity and all areas are without water. The commissioning of the new pump is almost complete and pumping through it will commence around early evening today.
Should adequate levels be reached at Newton Reservoir this evening, the supply will be restored for a short period in some areas that have been without water since yesterday just to alleviate the water need and then closed off again. Further updates will be communicated. For now the major work is complete and we need your cooperation in building up the reserves at Newton. We apologise for the inconvenience. Thanks. Sello Matsie, Spokesperson, Sol Plaatje Municipality

WATER SUPPLY UPDATE 07:00 Friday, 16 August 2019 

The Electricity switch over at Riverton to the New Pump Station has been completed in the early hours of this Morning.  We commenced pumping with the two old pumps and the new pump will only be commission today after some few mechanical matters have been attended to, at daylight.  Unfortunately, we struggling to start up the Newton Reservoir due to critically levels in the Dam. Once we are able to get enough water into the dams, we will supply water to the areas just to relieve the situation. It’s now a race against time to fill up the dams which will receive a boost once the new pump is started. We doing all that is possible to re supply the city with water. We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience and we ask for your patience.  All the teams, including contractors, are working around the clock on this matter. Thanks. Sello Matsie. Spokesperson. Sol Plaatje Municipality

UPDATE 16:30 Thursday, 15 August 2019 

Water Supply Update: Electricity Switch over at New Riverton Pump Station.

The team is switching over the power supply to the new pump station. As such water will not be switched on at 3pm, but only at 5am tomorrow (Friday, 16 Aug 2019). We envisage to have connected and started the new pump around 11pm tonight. If all goes well, the 10am to 3pm water shutdown will be abolished, and only continue with nightly shutdowns. Our apologies for any inconvenience.

Sello Matsie 
Sol Plaatje Municipality

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UPDATE 06:00 Wednesday, 14 August 2019 


The Sol Plaatje Municipality would like to draw your urgent attention for planned water interruptions, Wednesday 14th August 2019 between 10am and 3pm as a result of a failure of a pump at Riverton. The same interruption will be repeated on Thursday 15th at the same time period. We currently pumping with only two pumps at 40% less capacity.

Simultaneously we will be switching over to the New Pump Station. Residents are urged to use water sparingly as the municipality is in the process of commissioning the new pump station. Kind regards

Sello Matsie
Sol Plaatje Municipality

UPDATE 11:00 Saturday, 10 August 2019 

“Ons gaan deur ‘n fase waar die vlakke van die damme by Newton reservoir weer aangevul moet word na die probleme wat ondervind is by koppeling van die nuwe pompstasie by Riverton suiwerigsaaleg wat verlede naweek aan die 600 pyplyn gedoen is.
Daar word gepoog om deur die water na die verbruiker gedurende die nag af te skakel, die damvlakke weer op aanvaarbare vlakke te kry.
Verskeie probleme word tans ondervind waarby bars pype en hoër waterverbruik in warmer dae ‘n groot deel uitmaak
Ek sal onderneem om beter kommunikasie rakende die “af” tye vroegtydig te probeer kommunikeer.
Kom ons help saam om water te bespaar om die watervlakke spoedig te normaliseer.” From Johan Smit

UPDATE 20:50 Friday, 9 August 2019 

“Just clarification for the story that we hearing regarding a problem at Riverton – when an official from SP confirms I will update all, waiting for a response from a few Officials that have been asked.
Apparently the Newton Reservoir is very low reason why water went off earlier…..Gather we must make our own assumption ” VIA Sharon Steyn of NOCCI Kimberley

UPDATE 18:30 Friday, 9 August 2019 

“Water is switched off at 18h00 in the evening till 06h00 in the mornings. ” VIA Sharon Steyn of NOCCI Kimberley

UPDATE 16:00 Sunday, 4 August 2019 

“The repairs and connection of the Y junction at Riverton New Pumping Station is complete and there has been no reported leakage. We will start Pumping within an hour time from now through the 600mm pipeline. This will increase capacity back to normal of 1200 litre per second on average. This will also allow us in due cause to pump using the newly build pump station.
In order to boost the levels at Newton Reservoir we will shut off supply to Roodepan and Galeshewe areas at around after 18:00. Newton will be switched off later at around 19:00 hours. This is to allow is to resupply tomorrow morning in time for the Monday rush hour. Thank you for your cooperation and we further apologise for the inconvenience.” Sello Matsie, Spokesperson, Sol Plaatje Municipality

UPDATE 07:00 Sunday, 4 August 2019 

The outgoing supply from Newton Reservoir was cut last night at around 19:00 and restored this morning around 06:00.

Nightly water shutdowns will most likely be introduced for at the least the next week.

If you have no water please log a fault at the Sol Plaatje Call Centre o53 830 6111


UPDATE – 19:30 Saturday, 3 August 2019 – VIA JOHAN SMIT

“Ek was net na 12:00 en 18:00 weer by Newton reservoir.
Die water wat inkom in die opgaardamme vanaf Riverton suiwerings aanleg deur die 900 pypleiding en die water wat verbruik word deur die gemeenskap is so te sê dieselfde.
Die winter waterverbruik wat veel minder as die somer waterverbruik is was ons genadig met hierdie “shut down”.
Net twee damme word tans gebruik.
Die ander damme is afgesluit uit die netwerk.
Die grootste dam, die 102 Mega liter dam, is om en by half.
Dis darem ‘n buffer.
Kleppe is ooral in die netwerk oopgemaak en almal behoort nou weer te hê.
Die hoogliggende areas is tans die enigste waar moontlik nog droë knane kan wees.
Water gaan definitief gedurende die nagte in ten minste die volgende week afgeskakel word.
Dit was gewoonlik in die verlede vanaf 20:00 gedoen.
Glo dit kan weer so toegepas word.
Tref voorsorg vir water deur die nag.

Ek was vanmiddag net na 13:00 by watersuiwering aanleg by Riverton.
Die werk was voltooi waar die Y- koppeling in die pype i gesweis is
Die kontrakteur was besig om die kas te bou waar die sement om die Y-koppeling gegiet gaan word wat as buffer blok moet dien as die water deur die koppeling gepomp word.

Gebruik water spaarsamig.
As daar meer water gebruik word as wat die 900 pypleiding kan lewer kan water afgeskakel word om vlakker eers op te kry.

Inwoners wat nie op hierdie stadium water het nie, kan die beheerkamer skakel (053 8306111) en die adres vir hulle deurgee.
Vra vir ‘n verwysingsnommer.”
Johan Smit

UPDATE – 10:30 Saturday, 3 August 2019 – VIA SELLO MATSIE

“Water Supply Update: 10:30 Saturday 3rd August 2019

Supply was restored this morning from 6am to the city including Galeshewe and Roodepan. There are reports of some areas still without water like CBD and Upper Floors which have been received and are being attended. We urge all those still without water to contact our Call Centre at 053 8306111 or sms line 44204. Work at Riverton is proceeding accordingly and the Y connection has been installed and concrete will be deposited on the Y connection for reinforce purposes. Supply will continue however we are monitoring the levels at Newton closely. We definitely be Interrupting supply overnight to increase capacity at Newton. What is also important is that the New pump station at Riverton has now been connected with the 600mm pipe through this exercise. This will allow for testing of the pump station in the coming weeks.
From Sello Matsie,
Spokesperson, Sol Plaatje Municipality

NOTE FROM CITY PORTAL: Water restoration is a process, and can take time. As water is release from Newton Reservoir the supply pipes throughout the city needs to fill and build pressure. Water usually hit low laying areas, and lower areas close to Newton Reservoir fist. As water becomes available in areas, consumption climbs which slow down the process of filling the rest of the supply pipes to higher areas.
There is also the real possibility that, like with restoration after the previous city wide shutdown, there may be multiple pipe burst during the pressurization of the distribution network. Air hammering and other factors put extra strain on the water pipes, which can leading to ruptures at weak points. Be prepared for localized outages in specific areas to facilitate repair work, when water is introduced to the city’s distribution network.

UPDATE – 19:30 Friday, 2 August 2019

Around 19:00 the outgoing supply from Newton Reservoir was cut. Nighly water shutdowns will most probably be introduced until the dam levels at Newton Reservoir stabilize at satisfactory levels.

UPDATE – 16:30 Friday, 2 August 2019 – VIA JOHAN SMIT

“Ek was 15:00 by Newton reservoir in Waterworksstraat in Kimberley.
Die damme is almal leeg.

Ek is nou, 16:45, by die Riverton watersuiwering aanleg teen die Vaalrivier .
Hier is twee waterpyplyne wat water aan Kimberley verskaf vanaf Riverton waar die watersuiwering vir Kimberley uit die Vaalrivier gedoen word .
‘n Baie ou 600 pyplyn en ‘n effe nuwe 900 pyplyn.
Daar word opgraderings gedoen aan die watersuiwering aanleg en die konneksie vanaf die nuwe aanleg moet nou aan die bestaande 600 pyplyn na Kimberley gemaak word.
Dit is by die konneksie waar daar nou die probleem is.
Die kontrakteur moet nou ‘n T-konneksie, twee pype uit die aanleg, aan die 600 pyp koppel.
Sodra dit afgehandel is, moet daar sement om die T-las gegooi word om alles stabiel te hou sodat daar nie beweging in daardie area is as die water begin vloei en die druk in die pyp begin toeneem nie.
Hierdie pypwerk moet vannag afgehandel word sodat die sement môre deur die voormiddag gegooi kan word.
Die sement moet dan eers hard word/set, voordat die water deur die pyp gepomp kan word na Kimberley.
Daar word gepoog om teen Sondag water deur die 600 pyp te kan sit as niks verkeerd loop nie.
Daar word nou op hierdie oomblik water deur die 900 pyplyn na die Newton Reservoir gepomp.
Roodepan en gedeeltes van Galeshewe kry direk water uit die 900 pyplyn.
Gewoonlik word watertoevoer na die gedeeltes afgesluit as die damme leeg is.
Ek het nie inligting oor hoe dit nou gedoen word nie.

Uit vorige ondervinding wil ek glo dat daar nie vanaand water in die krane in Kimberley sal wees nie.
Ek wil ook glo dat môre ook dieselfde sal wees.
Ek wil glo dat van die laagliggende gedeeltes soos gedeeltes van Hillcrest en Hadison park, môre deur die laatmiddag kan lae druk water in hul krane begin kry.

Ek sal sê om voorsiening vir drinkwater te begin maak.
Ander water kan ‘n probleem wees soos vir stort en skottelgoed en toilet.

Ek sal probeer updates gee môre deur die dag.”
Johan Smit”

UPDATE – 16:00 Friday, 2 August 2019 – VIA SELLO MATSIE

“Update on Interim supply: Newton Reservoir

We have commenced supply from Newton for the high lying(Surburbs) areas which have been without water since yesterday same time. The supply will be until just around 19:00 this evening. Please ensure you have adequate water. At Riverton Purification Plant, we have proceeded to install a new Y connection pipe to the New Pump Station, which is our future supplier on the 600mm pipe. This is as we continue with supplying the city through the 900mm pipe line. Welding of the Y connection will proceed until is properly installed. Once it’s done we will start up supply with the additional 600mm pipe. We had intended to shelve the Y connection but under the circumstances we have rather proceeded with the installation. Galeshewe and Roodepan will have low pressure or no supply but we appeal for cooperation. Please be patient and thanks for the cooperation. Hospitals and Guest Houses, Businesses and Malls are required to ensure they make adequate provision.The fire department is unable to cant assist except in Fire Emergency. Will provide further update later. Thanks
Sello Matsie,

UPDATE – 11:15 am Friday, 2 August 2019 – VIA SELLO MATSIE

“Water Update: Sello Matsie
The sound clip that has my name even wrong is absolutely nonsense. We have a problem which need to be solved asap. We are pumping water to the City of Kimberley through the 965mm pipe which is roughly 60% supply. The repairs on the 600mm is ongoing and will be updated. In order to ensure we increase the reserves capacity of Newton to alleviate the situation of the town areas, we going to isolate supply to Galeshewe and Roodepan areas. This means those areas will be without water or will have reduced pressure. We intending like previously stated to switching on Newton to supply the town areas which have been without water since yesterday afternoon. This inconvenience is regrettable.
Sello Matsie ,

UPDATE – 07:15 am Friday, 2 August 2019 – VIA SELLO MATSIE

Mornings All. Unfortunately the repairs have not gone well. The pressure pulled out the connection that was done. We are in a critical stage and will be returning this morning. We will be supply from Newton shortly but just for a limited time as the level we at 9 ft. Some of the low laying areas will remain isolated so as continue pumping through 900 to Newton reservoir. They will continue to have supply though with low pressure. We apologise for this inconvenience”

UPDATE – 18:00 Thursday, 1 August 2019 – VIA SELLO MATSIE

“Temporary Water Shutdown: Newton ReservoirPlease be advised that due to damage on 600mm pipe by a contractor at Riverton, (Currently busy with new Pump Station), we have temporarily suspended supply from Newton Reservoir to protect the water reserves from reaching low levels The repairs are currently underway and should be concluded later. Once we are done, supply will be restored immediately. We apologise for the inconvenience.”

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