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Kimberley Water Shutdown Fake News

Rumours and fake news regarding the City Wide Water Shutdown of 20-21 December 2018 are already flying around Facebook and WhatsApp.

According to the latest updates from Sol Plaatje Municipality the shutdown is still scheduled to commence at 1pm Thursday, 20/12/2018 and the aim is still to complete repairs and start the water restoration on Friday night, 21 December 2018.

Still it is only prudent to plan for possible unforeseen complications which may arise as it has with similar projects in the past. For this reason we do recommend that you build up an adequate water supply to last you at least a day longer than the planned outage.

Please don’t share any updates you receive unless it is from a reputable source such as Kimberley City Info, Kimberley City Portal, NOCCI Kimberley or directly from Sol Plaatje Municipality.

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