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Kimberley Water & Electricity Outage – 08/11/2017

14:02 08/11/2017 UPDATE: 


Kindly be advised that only parts of the CBD and other areas are currently experiencing power outages due to a cable fault at Newton Water Reservoir. The contractor working on site has unfortunately during excavations damaged one of our cables. The electricians are working to fix the damaged cable. On our part, we had supplied the designs and plans of where the cables are located at Newton Reserviour to the Contractors. Please we request your patience while the matter is resolved.

Thank you

09:50 08/11/2017 UPDATE:  There is still a cable fault affecting electricity supply in some areas.  The Sol Plaatje Electrical department is aware and attending to the problem.

The call centre is also experiencing problems with incoming calls.

07:50 08/11/2017

Electricity supply has been restored to most areas. If your electricity is still offline, please contact the Sol Plaatje Call Centre to report it. https://www.kimberley.org.za/log-faults-sol-plaatje-municipality/

Original message from Sello Matsie:
Supply restored, everybody is now back online. Water supply also restored. Thanks for the cooperation.

Sello Matsie

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Large parts of Kimberley is without water & electricity.

The Sol Plaatje Electrical department is working on resolving the problem.

The electrical outage is also affecting Newton Reservoir resulting in large parts of Kimberley having no or very low water pressure.

The Sol Plaatje Call Centre is also down due to the Electrical Outage.

06:40 08/11/2017

Telephone Lines Off: Call Centre

Due to electricity outage, the Call Centre lines are currently out of order. Larger areas are affected and teams are still resolving the matter. Please be patient as the matter is being treated as high priority.

Thank you

Sello Matsie

06:02 08/11/2017 VIA SELLO MATSIE

Electricity Supply Interruption CBD

Electricians are currently locating the reason that caused the outage. Every effort is being done to resolve the matter ASAP. The water supply is also affected as NEWTON RESERVOIR is dependent on electricity supply. Will provide more details and the municipality regrets the inconvenience.

Sello Matsie
Spokesperson for the Sol Plaatje Municipality

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