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Kimberley Nightly water shut down shortened

UPDATE: Kimberley Nightly water shutdown shortened


Nightly water shutdown shortened from 6pm – 4am to 8pm to 4am.

According  to a statement from Sello Matsie, the Sol Plaatje Municipality Spokesperson, water will be shut off from 8pm and switched back on at 4am as of today Monday, 18 February 2019. 


Water levels at 14.3 feet.


The rain has helped to improve the water levels of the Newton Reservoir Dams.

According to Sol Plaatje Municipal Spokesperson, Sello Matsie, the current level is at 13.6 feet, this is a 2.4 feet increase from 7 February 2019.

“The levels have gone up following the recent rains. However, we will continue with the nightly shutdowns until we are able to sustain the level at 16ft,” Matsie said in a statement to the press.


There has been a slight improvement of the water levels at Newton Reservoir according to the Sol Plaatje Municipal spokesperson, Sello Matsie.

After a low of around 8 feet a few weeks ago the levels of the dams at Newton was on 11.2 feet Yesterday, 07 February 2019.

“By shutting off the water at night, we are able to raise the levels by around 2ft. During the day, however, we are not able to pump sufficient water from Riverton to meet the city’s demand for water, resulting in a drop again.” Matsie said.

Cooler weather and possible rain over the weekend can help raise the levels a bit higher.
We have noticed in the past that situation improves as soon as there is rain,” Matsie added.

There have been complaints from residents the last couple of days that water was frequently switched off earlier and switched back on later than indicated in the schedule.

Christien Lesch “Kom die water nou later in die oggende aan die tweede oggend wat ons na 5 nog nie water het nie😣😣😣”
Adri Brönn “Amper al 17:00 AF gewees gisteraand ook! Eers 5:30 weer water gehad vanoggend!!”


Water Switched back on late

Sol Plaatje Municipality implemented Stage 5 water restrictions on 17 January 2019 when the plummeting levels at Newton Reservoir reached a critical low of around 8 feet which threatened the municipality’s ability to pump water to high laying neighbourhoods.  At the same time longer Nightly Water Shutdowns from 6pm to 4am and Weekend Water Shutdowns was also implemented.  The Weekend Water Shutdowns was suspended on 24 January 2019 but the nightly water shutdown is still continuing.

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