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Kimberley Temporary Water Shutdown UPDATES – October 2020

Water Shutdown UPDATE: 26/10/2020 – 15:00

We have resumed water supply for high topographical areas of the City from Newton Reservoir. The levels are down because of the down time. 

Lower topographical such as Roodepan and Galeshewe may experience lose of pressure as we try to balance water supply throughout the city.

Kindly be further informed that we will be implementing nightly water supply restrictions from around evening starting Tuesday 27th October 2020 untill further notice. The main reason is to increase storage capacity levels at Newton Reservoir to ensure we reach full capacity. Thanks for the cooperation.

Sello Matsie 

Water Shutdown UPDATE: 26/10/2020 – 08:15

Emergency Repairs Completed: 965mm pipe Airvalve

We are now pumping to Newton at full capacity. We shall pump from Newton to Residents as soon as water reaches the reservoirs, in an hour or so.

Please take note that it takes some time for the system to be fully charged, as we don’t want to cause pipe bursts in the reticulated network hence the gradual release of supply. Regards

Sello Matsie

Water Shutdown UPDATE: 26/10/2020 – 06:49

Emergency Repairs on an airvalve that snapped(broke off) on the 965mm pipeline of Riverton, affecting feed to reservoirs has been completed. This also included another leak next to the same scour valve.

We have started pumping from Riverton and the manifold pressure is 9.5bar. As soon as pressure allows starting of operating mode, we will pump at full capacity. As soon as water reaches Newton, Supply will be resumed to all residents as soon as possible. The inconvenience is regretful.

Water Shutdown UPDATE: 25/10/2020 – 22:35

An airvalve snapped(broke off) on the 965 pipeline, and is wasting volumes more water, and affecting feed to reservoirs. It must be replaced with immediate effect, and as such we have to stop water supply through the 965 pipeline. Areas like Galeshewe, Lerato Park and others receiving water from this line will be affected while we are attending to this problem. Teams are attending to it, and regular updates will be provided.

Via WhatsApp

Water Shutdown UPDATE: 25/10/2020 – 19:00

We unfortunately had a burst pipe behind Sunset Manor in Roodepan on the 965mm line where the scour on that line got damaged thus the huge overflow of water, and that’s the line that feeds to Kimberley from Riverton. Unfortunately we will have to shutdown Riverton so we can work on the burst. We will continue to update residents on progress.

The above update is doing the rounds on social media. At this stage it is unclear if it is an official update, but info provided seems correct. Unfortunately there is very little feedback from Sol Plaatje and as a result we cannot say what time water pressure and flow will return.

Info via WhatsApp.

Water Shutdown UPDATE: 24/10/2020 – 10:30

Sol Plaatje Municipality appear to be on schedule with repairs and water is apparently expected back on by 18:00 this evening, Saturday 24 October 2020.

Info via Sharon Steyn, Ward 24 Councillor on WhatsApp.

Water Update Screenshot. Was posted 24/10/2020 @ 10h31

Water Shutdown UPDATE: 24/10/2020 – 08:00

Latest update suggests that everything is going according to plan and as such repairs should have been completed by 02:00 this morning, Saturday 24 October 2020. Thereafter water would be pumped to Newton Reservoir till 14:00 and then opened to the community.

Info via Sharon Steyn, Ward 24 Councillor on WhatsApp.


Water Update Screenshot. Was posted 24/10/2020 @ 08h15

Water Shutdown UPDATE: 23/10/2020 – 13:00

All teams and equipment were on site this morning at all areas. The scouring of the pipelines commenced last night and areas to be repaired were being readied for welding which should start shortly.
Trucks are doing rounds in some areas of the City to top up water supplies including for bereaved families that have funerals scheduled tomorrow.


Please be advised of Water Supply Interruption for the entire city due to Emergency Repairs that will be conducted on the 1200mm, 965mm and 600mm pipes in Roodepan and at Newton Reservoir. To conduct these repairs,we will suspend water supply from tomorrow night, Thursday (22nd October 2020) at 18:00 to empty portions and decrease pressure in the pipes.

The actual work will commence on Friday morning lasting us until Saturday (24th October 2020) afternoon. We request the community to please ensure adequate water for use during this period. The dam levels at Newton Reservoir are dropping due to these leaks.

The primary reason of the leaks vary from the stray electrical current of passing railway trains over the pipes which can be resolved with the Cathodic protection method and vandals who destroy valves in the area. A number of Jojo tanks will be provided throughout the city. Regular updates on progress will be provided and we apologise for the inconvenience.

Sello Matsie
Municipal Spokesperson
Sol Plaatje

PLEASE NOTE: As in the past, unforeseen events can hamper the project and can therefore alter the completion time.


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