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Sol Plaatje Community Forum Updes - Kimberley Shutdown Strike Campaign


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Scroll down for a timeline of updates, developments news and notices on the Kimberley Shutdown Campaign.

Kimberley Shutdown Community Meeting - 19/08/2018



Thank you to all who listened in yesterday.. who gave input and those who came to the social center as well.. Motsweding is a Setswana Radio Station and as such the interview was in Setswana.
Many points were clarified and in colcusion an annoucement of Sunday(19 August 2018) meeting was made…

at the meeting more details will be given and registration forms will be distributed for formal registration of membership in Sol Plaajie Community Forum.

More info will follow later



As proposed by Daddy in the voiceclip yesterday in response to the message which we received from one of the Community Members which was from Councillor Tshite.. we had requested for an informal meeting to get direct details from the Acting Mayor today.
There could be a Council Meeting tomorrow where the concerns will be discussed and we will then request a formal meeting with the MMC also to bring forward formally the unmet demands.
A decision will be taken between today and Friday night wether we should call for a Community meeting this Sunday… we need to have a meeting where not just 1 item is discussed and we are able to get more done.
1. The unmet demands
2. The 106 investigation
3. Member registration of the NPO
4. The Cases
5. Fund raising
6. Cleaning and repairing our City
7. Local Economy (buy local)
8. Job Creation
9. 22nd August
10. Migration to Eskom
11. Community meetings (information sharing drive)

The road is long but we shall persist.


FROM: Cllr BP Tshite

Thank you to all who listened in yesterday.. who gave input and those who came to the social center as well.. Motsweding is a Setswana Radio Station and as such the interview was in Setswana.
Many points were clarified and in colcusion an annoucement of Sunday(19 August 2018) meeting was made…

at the meeting more details will be given and registration forms will be distributed for formal registration of membership in Sol Plaajie Community Forum.

More info will follow later

I’m seriously worried about the sewage & water leakage. These issues are reported daily by both me & you but nothing is getting done. Now I will explain briefly the current challenges at the Municipality.

Since the Court ordered the former mayor to vacate office things haven’t changed. For one the Mayoral Committee refuses to work with the Acting Mayor, they defy his every request & are busy with their own thing. The directors are just as defiant as they duck & dive when they are called in & when they decide to show up most only have never ending stories. The idea is to sabotage the Acting Mayor so that the Community revolts against him. The powers the Court has given are limited to the extend that he is stuck with the former mayor’s team & they outright undermine him because he is not allowed to shift them.

The issues the Community have raised May not be resolved by the 22 August because we can’t even get a Council Meeting to address them. The open mines created also seem to not have a solution. Now as you know when I get stuck I always seek advice from you as the Constituency that elected me into office. The Acting Mayor is avoiding being forced into making illegal & compromising decisions. I call on you to please be patient while we try & find a solution for these growing problems.

I say we as I am directly affected by these challenges. I can guarantee that call centre does disseminate info to the relevant units to be attended to but somewhere somehow the worker don’t do what is required of them. We have for example been reporting the leakage in North Avenue for over a month yet miraculously it’s not being attended to. I can’t explain all challenges we are faced with on the group but I will arrange to have a proper platform for engagement soon.

I humble myself before you & apologize for the inconvenience caused by these childish unnecessary internal battles.

Yours in Service
Cllr BP Tshite



Where We Are

1. The Community NPO registration has been submitted

2. We are working on the membership registration

3. An assessment of the community facilities which were damaged during the strike needs to be done including cleaning our streets so that we start chipping in to restore our City

4. Request for use of a school has been submitted for the learner aid project (extra classes)

5. The logo for the NPO (pending, a few designs received)

…. The Demands

1. The R260 was scrapped for households(monitoring) 
The few discrepancies should be resolved at Civic and with landlord for now..

2. The price of electricity has been decreased (on average a 23.93% decrease for the first 3blocks) consensus is that this is still high given the sliding scale shifts per purchase depending on the amount. hence Eskom migration project. (Research to be concluded this week on best route to effect this including the effectiveness of a petition and timing of it)

3. Signs at Tuck Shops to not charge extra not yet put up (in the interim we as the community can have a poster printed and put up at Tuck Shops citing the law that prohibits this and that we will not pay extra)..

4. PR Company, being part of the 106 investigation by Coghsta.. awaiting outcome of investigation for further action if required to be taken

5. The MM and CFO did not resign, they were suspended and are under the 106 investigation, should be concluding on the 22+/- based on date of publication of start of investigation… Outcome should determine action to be taken.

6. Mr. Matika voted out of council (vote of no confidence) eviction interdict passed… pending case to hear legality of meeting held to vote him out. (unclear if council funds being used without council ruling to effect case against council or if Mr Matika is using his own funds).

7. Meeting to be scheduled with Council/Councillors to find out when they can take action on the outstanding demands having in mind the 106 investigation…

Outstanding : 
Legal fees for all public violence(not looting)

Donations towards repairing/replacing burnt bakkie that was burnt because it assisted in Community meetings.



Good Morning

We have walked a long road, we have lost a great deal in time, infrastructure, and the innocence of the kids who at times went overboard and we as adults could not or did not correct their behavior as at the time unfortunately they were part of the actions.

This all could have and should have been avoided, the worst of it all was seeing someone holding in their eye back from flowing out of the socket with a sanitary pad because someone happily played with their rubber bullet gun and shot at him randomly while he was sitting on the side of the road, driving by and firing a gun directly at people as though it was a game.
This was truly unnecessary and uncalled for.

We have lost a lot and must now WORK HARD and smart to ensure we do not lose any further,  that no jobs be lost, that no business goes under. 
On this point, the only way to guarantee this would be for us to TOTALLY SUPPORT LOCAL. Anything that is trucked into Kimberley, driven by people employed outside Kimberley, if bought by us will further weaken the economy and never create the jobs we need for lives to be bettered…
Buy Locally backed bread.. the more we buy local the more people get employed to produce the local products..

The businesses as well, as competitive as business is.. the time now is to put aside differences and unite so that collectively you may grow.. outside business can come in and rake up local contracts because of lack of unity locally. We need growth, innovation and unity to better our economy..

It is all our responsibility to make this City better and it simply starts with not throwing that can of coke out the window while driving, not throwing the JC Juice plastic on the floor after finishing with it. With the culture of greeting each other and holding the door, having respect for elderly persons and Women.

We are a beautiful city which is simply bruised by time and apathy, we had delegated our powers and responsibility to someones.  I won’t pick it up. It’s not my job someone will do it. I won’t report it someone will do it or should have done it, ‘there is EPWP for that’.

We have gone through this physical revolution and must now commit collectively to the mindset revolution.  One that says we are all, each and everyone of us EPWP, we are all the Nurse at KH or Medicross or the CEO at Westend Hospital, the Guy Who sells Sphatlo at No.5, the Youth Business Chamber leaders, the business forum that fights for contracts to first be given to local businesses, the teachers, the care givers, the Councillor and the guy at the corner asking for a piece job.

We have walked the distance and should continue to do so together because as a divided city we were an abused city and as a united city we overcame the abuse to a great extent.

We must be proud of ourselves for the progress made, we should never forget the price we had to pay to get to today

And must ensure we never ever go back to that Kimberley that was a piece of coal.

We are now on the path of polishing this rough diamond which is ourselves and our city.

We Shall Shine Once Again

Well Done Kimberley 👏🏾



Community cleanups have started.



Tomorrow, Wednesday, 1st August 2018 all barricades in Galeshewe should have been removed to allow free flow of traffic. Motorists should also be cautious as Municipal teams will be clearing all barricades to allow school children and parents to proceed to their destinations. Businesses and public Institutions like clinics and hospitals are expected to function normally. All other municipal services shall also be provided and all enquiries should be referred to our call centre 053 8306111 or SMS 44204. All acts of criminality should be directed to police. We apologise to residents and businesses for all the inconvenience

Sello Matsie
Sol Plaatje Municipality


At tonight’s community meeting community leader, Tumelo Mosikare, said that the shutdown is being halted. Children can go back to school and employees can return to work. 

The shutdown is being halted but this is most probably not the end of the line.  The community leaders have promised throughout the process that they will hold local government and politicians accountable and continue to work towards the lowering of high electricity and service delivery prices.  If the outcome of the High Court hearing of 22 August 2018 is in Matika’s favour it may also spark renewed protest action.

The Kimberley Shutdown 2018 – ARCHIVE PAGE AT https://www.kimberley.org.za/?p=20514

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