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Kimberley Shutdown 2018 – ARCHIVE

The Kimberley Shutdown July 2018 – Latest updates & notices page https://www.kimberley.org.za/?p=20105





MATIKA IS OUT FOR NOW.  He must evacuate his office until the matter is heard in the High Court on 22 August 2018.


Most entrance roads to Galeshewe has been blocked. The police minister Bheki Cele has landed in Kimberley and is said to meet with community leaders. No court decision yet but the community demands a decision today.

Police Minister Bheki Cele landed in Kimberley

Bheki Cele has Landed.

Posted by Masego Itumeleng on Tuesday, July 31, 2018



Residents of Kimberley say there is no going back as the shutdown of the town continues and roads remain closed. They are pleading with the Kimberley High Court to rule in favour of councillors when it makes a decision on the application to have Sol Plaatje mayor removed from office. For more we cross to our reporter Reginald Witbooi in Kimberley.



Situation Update: Protest action. Monday 31 July 2018. Time 07:30

The situation is currently calm around Situation Galeshewe. There is no Taxi’s or private vehicles on the roads of which some remain barricaded by rocks

No Municipal services are available at the moment like Clinics, Service Centres, refuse removal and sanitation. The situation is being monitored by law enforcement agencies. Residents are urged to exercise caution for safety reasons.

Sello Matsie



Good Morning

Please note…

There will be no Marching to the high court, the court will not be disturbed or prevented from sitting.
As yesterday, there will be a few people leaving in cars in twos or threes to go and listen for the outcome and support the 11 Councillors who are being treated unfairly.

Again, we ask that no political party use this for any political reasons. As has been from when the Community Started to stand up for itself we’ve asked that the political parties not try to use this for politics.

There should be no confrontation with the police because they must know our fight has never been with them we are fighting for our City… take pictures as well of the rogue police officers who go into people’s yards and shoot them take their names so we too can make cases against them.. theirs is to police and not to do the dictator’s bidding. Those helping to ensure the City they belong to is not turned into a Marikana and have helped to keep all safe, we appreciate you and will keep assisting you to prevent the agents sent to divide the community from getting it right to destroying our Community properties.

Matika and his handlers and Protectors… ENOUGH NOW





From Kimberley Infrastructure FB Group – https://www.facebook.com/groups/KimberleyInfrastructure/

No 2, Galeshewe, Kimberley


“We are appealing to educators and parents to use their own discretion before sending their children to school.  We are aware that the SABC Afrikaans news reported that schools will be closed, and they have apologised for the confusion created.” – Education Department spokesperson Geoffrey van der Merwe

NOTE: Many schools have already informed parents that they will be closed tomorrow. School confirmed to be closed are: Diamantveld, Newton Primary, Staats Primary School, HTS Kimberley, Eureka, Northern Cape High.



Situation Update: Galeshewe. 20:00 Monday 30 July 2018

There are serious concerns for public safety and vehicles at the moment in Galeshewe. Some vehicles have been pelted with stones and roads continue to be barricaded. Please ensure that only as a matter of extreme urgency may you drive around at the moment. Parents are advised to ensure safety of children. We plead with the public to allow for emergency services to be provided unhindered access to safe lives when attending to calls. Further note that refuse removal will not be provided due safety concerns of our workers. Police have assured that they will continue to prevent the situation from deteriorating further.
Sello Matsie, Spokesperson for Sol Plaatje Municipality 


An SMS was sent to parents with children in Newton Primary that the school will be closed tomorrow, 31/07/2018

“For the safety of our learners and our school, there will be no school tomorrow (31/07). Newton SGB”


SABC News report from Kimberley:



Schools in Kimberley are closing and parents are being contacted to fetch their children.

According to a statement by Geofferey van Der Merwe, media liaison for the Department of Education Northern Cape, learners from all  schools in the Sol Plaatje Municipal Area have been send home. The Department will monitor the situation and inform parents if schools will remain closed tomorrow.

The Northern Cape Department of Education took a conscious decision to dismiss the 75 schools in the Sol Plaatje Municipal area with immediate effect. This is due to the uncertainty of the extent of the protests currently taking place, as the safety of educators and learners are at risk.

We continue to appeal to educators and parents to use their own discretion before going to school tomorrow.

Issued by: Geoffrey vd Merwe
Media Liaison Officer of the Northern Cape Department of Education




MUNICIPAL NOTICE: “Kindly note that Refuse will collect in areas due for Monday but not in areas affected by unrest due to safety concerns for the lives of our workers and municipal equipment and fleet. Sello Matsie, Sol Plaatje Municipality”


Residents from certain Galeshewe areas, including No 5, are unable to find transport to work with Taxis currently not stopping for pickups.


“No matter how angry we may be… I humbly request we steer clear of the Schools

The Kids should not suffer another week of no school please.

We pray that all this ends today”


Latest updates from the grounds are that all major routes in/out of Kimberley (to Bloemfontein, Barkly West, Hopetown and Douglas) are currently open.
NOTE: The situation is volatile, especially the roads and areas in and around Roodepan and Galeshewe, so please use caution.
While SAPS are active and are continuously working to keep roads open, there has been chatter from certain factions calling on protestors to close opened roads again.


Situation Update: Protest action. 
Situation remains tense with several roads barricaded mainly in Galeshewe. Taxi commuters and private vehicles are using alternative routes to Schools and work. Police are monitoring the situation and have opened some of the roads. Residents are advised to use their discretion and avoid barricades for their own safety. More efforts will be continued to resolve the disruptions by authorities
Regards, Sello Matsie , Sol Plaatje Municipality.





“Following the meeting at the circle in galeshewe on Sunday 2018/07/29 residents have been threatening to strike & began closing roads. 

The SAPS is FULLY aware of the situation and have been deployed as necessary to keep the situation under control.

Please note that *schools shall not be affected* and if the decision is made it will be made by the Department of Education and an official notice will be issued.

Should schools be in any form of harm the police shall firstly ensure the safety of the pupils.

Unfortunately no-one can predict what can happen with the strike, but if there are any updates they will be communicated accordingly. For now please do not cause any unnecessary panic.

Always be cautious & vigilant”


Anti looting message from one of the Kimberley Shutdown organizers. 


COVERAGE FROM SABC DIGITAL NEWS.  Community leader statement “The residents of Kimberley are resolute.  They have decided that everything will come to a stop and standstill and they have decided that there are not schools that are going to be open.” Listen to the full report below.


Many rumours are circulation but there is currently no confirmation off an Official Shutdown March on Monday, 30/07/2018.  According to initial reports the organizers are still committed to follow the legal route and obtain permission before organizing a next march and are also exploring avenues to avoid damage to and disruption of businesses and schools during future action.


By Moss Fred in Kimberley Infrastructure

By Moss Fred in Kimberley Infrastructure

By Moss Fred in Kimberley Infrastructure

Galeshewe meeting

Community meeting at GAleshewe Circle an hour and a half ago. This is what was announced as the beginning of tomorrow’s totalshutdown.

Posted by Northern Cape Express on Sunday, July 29, 2018


Protest action has already started and the community has vowed to shut the city down again.

Posted by DFA on Sunday, July 29, 2018


Kimberley Shutdown Community Meeting 29/07/2018Kimberley Shutdown Community Meeting 29/07/2018


22 Shoulders Carried The Weight of the City and prevented what, by the looks of that barricaded King Mangaliso’s Castle.. would have been Chaos.

The events of last week and the refusal of Mangaliso to respect democracy and the wishes of the people are further PROOF that we do not have a Leader/Mayor…. we have a Ruler/King

Well King Mangaliso, We Are Citizens not Subjects.
We want our City Back!
Forward We Go!
Via Tumelo Mosikare



Matika declares he is still in charge.




1. The R260 was scrapped ( we know that NERSA actually approved it and we will hold the Municipality accountable for the commitment they made that the R260 is scrapped, tsa NERSA ga re di tsene because we did not agree to the R260 hence we striked. in the response received 29 June The Municipality committed that the R260 is off.

2. We said MM and CFO resign, they did not resign.. the Mayor failed to take action against them also… they were then put on suspension and are under investigation(which the community understands is government investigating government… and insist it be a forensic investigation, action has been taken nonetheless and in 21 minus passed days we should get a report… there is no escaping the demand the community made on the 27th June). Today’s march would have been as a result of the Mayor not having taken action against these officials, his response on the 12th and the PR company plus the Tuck Shops which still do not have signs… all ending in that the Mayor should step down…

3. The PR Company,… Shut Down today that the Mayor step down, and that the PR company be dealt with… The Mayor asked for proof… which angered all of us and thus there would have been no action on this (the PR company) as they kept on insisting on proof that they have in their office… So

For the Tuck Shops to have signs, for the PR Company to be taken on … for there not to be any influence on the investigation which should culminate in the removal of the MM and CFO and for the Mayor to step down… we would have Shut down Kimberley today.

Given that there is a clear show that the Mayor refused to step down and that there was political backing to this and even trying to spin stories and change the focus on genuine demands made… we would have Marched and be met with the same fate on as on 12th July, this time with barbed wire to box us in… of course there was another plan against the community that would have been chaotic for all… but this is not the focus.. the focus remained that the demands be met.

The Mayor was removed by Community representatives, Councillors…who through their actions have spared us all the chaos that was planned for today…

Now look at it in a objective way..

The MM and CFO are suspended, the two officials who presided over the appointing of the PR company (this with an investigation which is time bound and will be insisted upon that it be forensic should they try tricks), The R260 is scrapped in writing… The Price of electricity is lowered.. (still not at the optimum price but lowered)… The Mayor who also presided over all this mess was removed and cannot influence what happens at Council anymore regarding the investigations and the unmet demands…

We can now take it to Council that they ensure all demands are met.. but not while the removed Mayor was there…

We are fully aware that there are tricks to try and derail this and even to the point where they insist this is political… but they are failing because these are tactics similar to the Apartheid ones that they are employing against a united community.

This fight is not over, we know this… but to go on and on without assessing where we are and what we need to achieve, is to fight without an objective…

Our demands are not all met yet.. but we have not sacrificed so much to not have a better City in the end… which we are not at yet.

At last night’s meeting it was communicated that we will register an NPO and have legal standing as a community, this is the first step to having Kimberley buy electricity directly from Eskom without the middle man (Moneycipality) making a huge profit off of us.

The process for this begins today… we are not done yet… We remain united and will together make our city better


Tomorrow’s Shutdown March has been called off. Listen to Tumelo Mosikare as he lay out The Way Forward.

Kimberley Shutdown Update 25/07/2018 19:00

Update: Protest Action tomorrow Thursday 26 July 2018


MEDIA RELEASE- Kindly be advised that tomorrow’s planned protest action has been suspended as confirmed by law enforcement agencies and the organisers.The Sol Plaatje Municipality reiterates that there are alternative avenues available for further engagements and that the local economy including other sectors have been placed under severe strain lately. We apologise to the general public for the inconvenience.

Kind Regards

Mr.Sello Matsie
Communications Manager

BREAKING NEWS on Kimberley Shutdown 25/07/2018 16:50

There is a statement going around that the ANC deem this afternoon’s council meeting illegal and will bring action to have it set aside.  At this moment it has not been verified if the statement is official.

BREAKING NEWS on Kimberley Shutdown 25/07/2018 16:15

Tomorrows Shutdown March has been provisionally called off pending a community meeting this afternoon.

BREAKING NEWS on Kimberley Shutdown 25/07/2018 15:15


In his absence Executive Mayor, Mangaliso Matika, has been removed after a no confidence vote at a special council meeting this afternoon went through.  The DA received support from the EFF and several ANC councillors in the motion of no confidence.
Councillor Pule Thabane from the ANC has been elected as the new mayor.

We are waiting on feedback from the Kimberley Shutdown Organizers on whether tomorrows Kimberley Shutdown March will be called off.


Kimberley Shutdown Update 25/07/2018 06:00

As Kimberley business and residents brace for what is touted to be “The mother of all shutdowns” on Thursday, 26/07/2018, a heavy police presence is building up in Kimberley.  According to  Brigadier Mohale Ramatseba SAPS is ready for any eventualities in the coming days. ‘The police will monitor the march on Thursday and are ready to manage any situation. By all indications it will be a peaceful march, unless there are other illegal elements that come into play. We are not aware of any march activities that will take place on Wednesday.”

Kimberley Shutdown Update 24/07/2018 18:35

Voice message for Tumelo Mosikare, one of the Kimberley Shutdown organizers.  The message state that approval was given and the Shutdown March will take place on Thursday, 26/07/2018


Kimberley Shutdown Update 24/07/2018 18:00

It is highly likely that their will be a Kimberley Shutdown march on Thursday, 26/07/2018.  

Kimberley Shutdown Update 24/07/2018 16:50

Sol plaatje Municipality: Public Advisory 
No Planned Protest March for Tomorrow, Wednesday 25 July 2018. 

We would like advise the general public that No Protest march will take place tomorrow and that all municipal services will continue as normal and so should the other activities like schooling and business. However no permission has been granted yet for any protest march to the municipality. We further would like to indicate that an application consistent with the gatherings act number 205 of 1993 is being considered by the relevant stakeholders. Should any permission be granted,  the public will be informed timeously with all details and conditions of approval.  

Kind Regards, Mr.Sello Matsie, Communications Manager

Kimberley Shutdown Update 24/07/2018 16:45

No official information has been released yet but current indications are that if a march takes place this week it will be on Thursday and not tomorrow.

Kimberley Shutdown Update 24/07/2018 12:30

Via Tumelo Mosikare: 

Meeting with Stakeholders for March Permission recessed earlier to allow us to bring the list of Marshalls (500).. the meeting will reconvene/resume at 2:00pm.

Final details of March will be circulated to all after meeting.

Kimberley Shutdown Update 24/07/2018 13:00
Statement from NOCCI Kimberley.

Feedback on the last few days regarding the SHUTDOWN that is expected for tomorrow or Thursday.

Mrs Parson’s and myself have been in communication with the Premiers Office asking that as Honourable Premier that she intervene.

Yesterday we attended a SAPS meeting and business stated their concerns regarding the Possible ‘Shutdown’ for Wed. We also indicated that Business is not the problem here and would like to know who is responsible for damages to Businesses in all areas.? We also asked the question who is protecting Business?

Yesterday afternoon we attended another meeting at the Premiers office chaired by the DDG as the Premier was not available.

Some of the stakeholders present were Dept. Education, Office of the Premier, Dept. Social Services, COGSTA,NC Progressive Business Forum, Dept. Health, NGO’S, Dept. Safety, Ritchie Business Forum, SP Manger of the Executive Mayor , Dept. Economic Dev……….and NOCCI. ( I could have missed one or two representatives)

This meeting was to discuss a way forward and to see how one can resolve this matter and move forward positively and productively.

NOCCI once again came across very strongly that nothing is being done to support Business and who will be held responsible for any damages done to business and the losses occurred by business in the last Shutdown never mind the new one that they are planning.

As stated we support all the hard work done by the Task team but as Business we feel that the matter on hand is not been dealt with.

We as Business want a contingency plan for the way forward and also the protection for Business/Schools/Old Age homes/Hospitals etc.

NOCCI will keep all our members updated on the way forward and also regarding the possible Shutdown.

MEMBERS please see very important information received from SAPS below.

I will only post on the WhatsApp groups and FB/Emails when I receive information from the designated Communication persons. All the messages and videos doing the rounds are just causing confusion and panic.


Sharon Steyn – NOCCI CEO

Kimberley Shutdown Update 24/07/2018 12:15


The Northern Cape Department of Education can confirm that schools in Kimberley area will remain open in the midst of rumours of possible protest actions. We urge parents and educators to exercise caution, use their own discretion and make a judgement based on the situation they might be confronted with tomorrow.

The Northern Cape Department of Education will not hesitate to dismiss schools early tomorrow if indeed the safety of educators and learners are at risk. We further appeal to the public to allow our educators and learners with access to education, and continue to teach and learn. It is of great concern to us that educators and learners must teach and learn under these difficult circumstances, whilst they are faced with the shortest term of the school academic year to complete curriculum coverage. We are continuously engaging the SAPS to update us on the latest information available.


Issued by:
Geoffrey vd Merwe
Media Liaison Officer to the MEC
NC Department of Education

Kimberley Shutdown Update 24/07/2018 12:00


The African National Congress in the Northern welcomes the Section 106 investigation that has been instituted by the MEC for COGHSTA on the Sol-Plaatje Municipality.

We are pleased that the investigation will not only be focused on the two suspended officials but would include the Executive Mayor, Mangaliso Matika. We continue to call on anyone with information of any wrong doing, by any official or councillor at the Sol-Plaatje Municipality to come forward and hand over such information to the task team.

The ANC believes that this course of action would go a long way towards normalising the situation within our municipality and allow for people to return to work and learners to go back to school. This should also allow for the Galeshewe township to return to full normality with our community able to access basic services and products in their locality. This should also allow the Matric Class of 2018 to focus fully on their academic studies.

We will continue to engage broadly with civil society, business organisations and the religious community in order to find an amicable solution to this impasse.

Deshi Ngxanga, Provincial Secretary, Media Enquiries- Naledi Gaosekwe 

Kimberley Shutdown Update 24/07/2018 08:45

According to a statement by Tumelo Mosikare, an application for the shutdown march on Wednesday 25/07/2018 was submitted on Monday 23/07/2018. A meeting is scheduled at 9am with police and traffic. Feedback will be given after this meeting. 

Kimberley Shutdown Update 24/07/2018 07:30

Kimberley is waiting in suspense to hear if a 3rd Kimberley Shutdown march will take place tomorrow Wednesday, 25/07/2018.

After Sunday’s community meeting in Galeshewe, the Kimberley Shutdown organizers stated that they will hand in an application for a legal march to take place on Wednesday and if the Executive Mayor of Sol Plaatje, Mangaliso Matika, has not been removed, the march will go ahead.

According to a statement by George Mosimane, spokesperson for the Office of the Mayor, by Monday afternoon no application had been received for a march or protest on Wednesday.

There are indications that even if permission is not applied for or granted, a Wednesday march may still be on the cards. Tebogo Obusitse, said “The community informed me that whether permission is granted or not, should the mayor not be removed, they will embark on an indefinite shutdown as from Wednesday.”

Kimberley Shutdown Community Meeting Statement from NOCCI 22/07/2018

Outcome of the Community Meeting held this afternoon:

Another application is being applied for:

TOTAL SHUTDOWN if the Executive Mayor does not step down. 
The Community have decided that if the Executive Mayor has not stepped down then on WED there will be another SHUTDOWN

This is of great concern to Business as the impact that it is having on the Economy of Kimberley is devastating. 
Business cannot afford to keep closing it’s doors but continue to pay staff who cannot get to work NOT because they don’t want to but because they being forced to.
Business still has to carry on paying rates and taxes… !!!!!!

NOCCI will keep all informed once we receive information.
NO video clippings or posts will be sent out unless we feel it necessary.

Kimberley Shutdown Community Meeting Statement from Tumelo Mosikare after the meeting 22/07/2018

Extracts from the voice message.

The organizers will tomorrow apply for a permit to have another march this coming Wednesday, 25/07/2018

If the demand that the Mayor leaves is not met, Kimberley will be shutdown from Wednesday.

Kimberley Shutdown Community Meeting Update 22/07/2018
From SABC Digital News “The community wanted to have a peaceful meeting and then some splinter group came from nowhere and tried to disrupt this meeting.” “The police had to intervene and stun grenades were shot off”

Reports from the ground indicate the meeting was concluded peacefully afterwards.



Stun grenades were deployed when a faction group attempted to disrupt this afternoons community meeting.


KIMBERLEY SHUTDOWN UPDATE 22/07/2018 – Statement by Tumelo Mosikare before the 15:00 meeting

KIMBERLEY SHUTDOWN UPDATE 20/07/2018 – Statement by Tumelo Mosikare


October 2016, the SACP had a march to the Municipality… The March was on illegal evictions which people said were being done with the knowledge or the assistance of Municipal Officials., the second issue was Electricity.

The Municipality received the demands and was slow to respond to them… We persisted on social media (facebook to be exact) that there be movement on these because the price of electricity remained high… nothing was done relating to lowering the price of electricity.

In 2017, we established/continued the adhoc team on electricity tariffs and attended the Community Meetings Sechaba doing the financial analysis of what we were presenting to the Municipality, extensive research was done on the tariffs and we found presentations online which were made to NERSA where business was opposing the increase in tariffs by the Municipality… Another presentation done by the Municipality, by the then acting CFO, current suspended CFO… where reasons were given why the Municipality needed to be granted an above norm/average increase in the price of electricity for the 2011/2012 financial year… The reasons apart from the infrastructural ones where mostly unfounded… even the infrastructural reason given should not have been considered as the funds for that came from National Funding… not from the sale of electricity.

Through analyzing the presentation and the reports of those years, we found that there had been lies,… for example, a higher number of indigent households was given as a reason for the need of the price of electricity to be increase whereas in the annual report the number was considerably lower than what was said to NERSA.

… We attended the Community Meeting at the Recreation hall in Hulana, where the CFO presented and spoke of an increase in the price of electricity… where we opposed this and gave the reasons… The Mayor, then invited us to present to the Mayoral Committee the following week so that they could ‘hear’ what we were saying…

Sechaba could not attend the meeting as he had business in Phokwane to attend to… we had concluded the presentation the day before… Before the Meeting started in the Chambers, the CFO asked what I was doing there, that the public should sit in the gallery, I explained to her that we had been invited to make a presentation… 
After a few technical challenges with the projector, the presentation was made and then the CFO was asked to respond…

We had started a petition (online and hard copy), petitioning the Municipality to decrease the price of electricity…

In the recorded (audio clip) response of the CFO… there were many conflicting inputs and so when the Mayor asked if there was anything else… the response I gave was that we had gone there to try and reach out the the Municipality to at least not increase the price of electricity as it was already too expensive.. that the response given seemed to suggest that the Municipality was still going ahead with the increase… so we would take the matter to NERSA and lodge a formal complaint attaching the petition.

… The Mayor assured that they would look into the matter and resolve in the best interest of the community.

… We were invited to RTS FM along with the Municipality to debate/discuss the tariffs.. No official showed up despite having agreed to the interview/live discussion…

We were then invited to a Meeting where Mr. Mosimane said that the Mayor was looking into the matter and his intention was to go against the increase, that there would be a possible 0% increase for the 2017/2018 financial year… and also look into normalizing the price of electricity in the following years.

Seeing this as a positive start, we waited to see this happen…

The Municipality, through the Mayor announced that they could decrease the price of electricity by up to 28% for the following year (this year… which financially started on the 1st of July 2018)… This was published in the DFA

Upon seeing this… there was no need to further pursue the petition which at that point had more than 4000 signatures…

The Mayor then made an announcement that there would be a 0% increase for 2017/2018 financial year starting July 2017 ending June 2018…

This further showed that the Municipality/Mayor was about to make good on his promise (lower the price of electricity)…


In January 2018, after looking a the electricity prices, I called Sechaba and asked him to verify the calculations… if the Municipality had not in fact gone against the 0% announced and rather implemented a 1.88% increase.. this we did not go deep into and rather collectively decided to go to the Municipal Manager and ask if there were any plans to increase the price of electricity from July 1st 2018…

We requested a meeting with the Municipal Manager and it was granted… we sent the agenda for the meeting to his office and it was received and agreed to…

The meeting was held on the 12th February 2018… with Pantsi, Sechaba, Myself and Anthony from the Community present,… The Municipal Manager representing the Municipality… The minutes of said meeting were made public on facebook and also distributed via whatsapp…

In the Meeting the following points were on the agenda:

1. The Reduction of electricity tariffs (Based on the 28% possible reduction report in an article in the DFA last year(2017) quoting the Mayor)

2. The Points on page two in the Letter from NERSA to the Municipal Manager dated 2 June 2017, specifically relating to the quarterly report to NERSA on energy loss.

3. Possible 7% electricity tariff hike as captured in the 2017/2018 budget, projected for the 2018/2019 financial year.

4. Possible solutions to the high energy loss challenge faced by the Municipality

… The minutes of the meeting were then compiled within a week and sent to the Municipal Manager for verification… They were not objected to and were then made public…

The Municipal Manager had committed that he would make information available to us on key issues raised in the meeting…

*How the price of the tariffs were determined

*How much a unit costs the Municipality when they buy it from Eskom

*What actions were taken to respond to NERSA’s instructions specifically the one where NERSA says not to increase the price of Electricity by to rather decrease their losses… and the quarterly report they were instructed to send to NERSA relating to the actions taken…

A week went by after the commitments had been made by the Municipal Manager… and we requested the information he had agreed to give… this was an exercise in futility as there was nothing received… the Municipal Manager when asked to respond would refer the Matter to the CFO and still there would be no response… 
On the 9th March finally, we told the Municipal Manager that we would ask for the information (quarterly reports) directly from NERSA as NERSA ought to have them…

NERSA having national hearings for the Eskom increase… took time to give the quarterly reports which were supposed to be from 30 September 2018…

There was just 1 report given and it did not fully address the NERSA directives…

… We attending the Eskom hearing at the Convention Center in Kimberley and presented on the high prices of electricity… The Chairperson of the hearing asked that we communicate with the NERSA office to have them intervene…

A formal complaint was then lodged against the Municipality with NERSA… (still not concluded… )

After having sent an inbox to NERSA, the Lady who does stakeholder education sessions throughout the Country.. where the electricity sale license holder (Municipality), Community and NERSA discuss the roles each plays, the rights and responsibilities; the Lady confirmed that NERSA would be in Kimberley for stakeholder education… on the 22nd and 23rd May 2018 at (Mayibuye and Roodepan) on the respective dates.

The draft budget was published by the Municipality on their website and it showed an intended 5.95% increase in the price of electricity… This went against the commitments made by the Mayor, that there would be a 28% cut in price of electricity… also it went against the instructions of NERSA that they not increase the price of electricity… that they rather decrease their losses…

At this point there was no R260 in the budget… When we attended the community meetings there was no mention of any R260 and this was confirmed later by the CFO in the live interview we had at the RTS FM studio where the CFO said that the Community was not consulted on the R260.

… WHERE THE R260 comes from…

On the 22 May 2018, the CFO, attending the NERSA Stakeholder meeting at Mayibuye Mulitipurpose center in Galeshewe said:

” WHAT I’VE DECIDED TO DO from 1 July is to split your basic charge of electricity from your energy charge of electricity…”

The video recording of what was said by the CFO was then made public, as this was the first time ever there was mention of the basic/availability charge…

At the second meeting held in Roodepan, the question was asked if what the CFO had said is true and would be implemented… and the official from the Municipality confirmed that yes what the CFO said would be implemented…

What followed after that was a series of emails and meetings where we tried to follow the right channels for this not to be implemented as it would be bad for the community… and businesses…

We met with Mr. Modise to ask him to assist in resolving this… We then went to the ANC office to meet with the Provincial Secretary to bring this to their attention… In the passage of the Provincial Secretary’s office… The Mayor having to meet with the Provincial secretary passed and said when greeting… “Oh you are here, it does not matter where you go, the R260 is going nowhere”…

We brought this remark to the Secretary’s attention and he said this was rather arrogant of the Mayor… he explained that he too had challenges with the high rates that he was paying for his home… that something must be done… 
He said we should meet with the Mayor and Himself on Monday… which Monday was a holiday and the meeting never sat.

…. The Community

Many people were following the developments but did not fully understand, people were seeing that the price of electricity was higher in Kimberley than other areas… 
When the R260 was then also brought to the light, many people were at first confused as the Municipality through the CFO tried to make it seems as if it had always been there, despite this being a blatant lie… The Community united to remove the R260 and against the high electricity prices…

The Thursday 21 June 2018… before the March, we were invited to the ANC office to give a presentation on the R260 and electricity prices… This after the Municipality had been asked to do the same thing a day before…

We then insisted that the Municipality also be present to present where the R260 came from and if we presented anything that was out of line that they correct us…

At the Meeting on the 21st June… the CFO presented and the presentation tried to show how the R260 had always been in the price of electricity… the explanation was a lie and logically did not make sense… 
seeing that the meeting seemed to be for us to come and be informed as to how the R260 would be implemented… We told the meeting that there was no need to present as there seemed to be a consensus that the R260 would be implemented…

We requested that they rather remove the R260 and keep the old prices for electricity… a request which would have been bad for the community.. but would have prevented the strike and any harm should there have been…. 
We corrected this request saying, remove the R260 and review your electricity prices in line with what NERSA instructed and what the Mayor had said about the 20% decrease in the price of electricity…

The meeting concluded and the Municipality went to Ritchie that afternoon for a Community meeting… the Following night they were in Galeshewe explaining the R260, where the CFO had told the people that there was no R260 in her presentation which had a slide explaining how the R260 would be paid… the slide was passed by mistake during the presentation…

When the floor was opened for questions, we requested that the CFO go back to that particular slide and she could not explain the contradiction that There was no R260 and yet the slide was saying how the R260 would be paid…

…A PR company appeared promoting the same lie that was presented, ‘There is no R260’… the company a day or two before the March on the 27th of June 2018… had gotten many EPWP workers to distribute flyers and tell people that the March was called off as there was no R260 anymore… We were told also some elederly people in No.2 where told not to attend the March if they did they would have their services cut… The intention of this campaign was to demobilize the community and have the March fail.

…When the March succeeded, the Memorandum of 6 Demands was read out and delivered to the Mayor on the 27th June 2018.

We peacefully returned home.


The demands where ‘summary’:

1. Remove R260 basic charge for all households 
2. Do not implement the 5.95% price increase 
3. Have the lower prices apply for electricity (decrease the price) 
4. Tuck Shops Should not charge extra on the price of electricity 
5. The PR company must be made to account and their contract terminated 
6. The Municipal Manager and CFO Resign. 

The Municipality responded on Friday 29 June 2018, the response was discussed in the Council Chambers, the Mayor said he would need to consult with his principals on the resignation of the CFO and MM… the community would be meeting on the 1st and as such was communicated to him that he give a response to this demand…

The Community met on the 1st July and was not happy with the response on the letter read out to them and distributed via social media… One community member raised the issue that the Municipality had responded saying, they would look at ways to mitigate the loss they would have as result of not implementing the R260 basic charge… the community member was concerned that the Municipality would attempt to recover this money one way or another from the community…

The community concluded that the streets be closed from Monday until the CFO and MM resign, as these two officials would be the ones who try and recover the loss from the community… 
We asked that we be given until Wednesday to write a letter to the Mayor on demand 6…

The Mayor’s assistant received the letter and wrote on it that the Mayor was not available for the 3rd and 4th July…

The letter stated that should the Mayor fail to respond to the demand (6) that he too should resign/leave…

The letter went unanswered and a formal application for another March was filed…

A meeting was convened by the traffic department official for the Police and all stakeholders to attend and discuss the March…

The meeting was called for Monday 9 July 2018… None of the Police Officers attended… Only Myself Pantsi and The Official from the Traffic department were present, it was concluded then that the police be invited again and that the meeting be held the next day 10 July 2018…

The meeting sat and the permission to March was granted…

On the 12th July 2018… we Marched to the Civic with the people chanting the CFO must go, the MM must go and the Mayor must go… We arrived at the Civic and no one came out from the Municipality to address us…

Pantsi then went into the Civic to ask what the hold up was… he was there for some time and the Mayor did not come out…

When the SABC asked for an interview, we had been there for almost an hour and as I walked to the reporter… I heard a stun grenade go off and shots being fired… I rand towards the crowed to try and stop the stone throwing and shooting… I turned my back to the police and raised my hands to ask the people to stop… as I turned towards the police I saw one of the police officers drawing his weapon and it was not the rifle type rubber bullet guns, he took out his 9mm gun whith live ammunition.. I took my phone and video recorded him asking him if he was going to shoot people with real bullets… as I was recording… the other police officer grabbed me and threw me to the ground, they tied my hands behind my back with a strap tightly… while another officer put his boot on my face to hold my head down… 
The pulled me up to stand up 
An old man standing there grabbed my right arm as the police who had his hand on his now holsted gun was pulling me into the Civic… the old man would not let go of my arm and I tried to explain to the officer that I was not resisting going with him that I needed to calm the old man down and that he should remove his hand from his gun as there was no danger… after finally convincing the old man to let go… the officer pulled me into the civic… told me to lay on my belly… and he walked a few steps from me to the corner from where I was laying infront of the chashier’s desk inside the Municipality… he was fiddling with his gun and it fired… the other police officers where shocked and asked him what happened and tried to calm the situation down… Pantsi asked them to cut my hands loose as they were turning blue and swelling from no circulation…

The Provicial head/Brigadier of the Police then asked us to contain the situation…

People where still outside some had ran away but many stayed…

… We asked the people to come back as the had not been any address yet…

The situation was calmed…

We were asked to go inside the Council Chambers by the Brigadier…

The Brigadier ‘chaired’ the meeting acting as a mediator between ourselves and the Municipality…

The Mayoral Committee had been sitting in there waiting, the Mayor was there and Mr. Mosimane…

After introductions, we told the Mayor that we had come to be addressed by him and that people walked from far to the civic.. if he could not address the masses that he should have indicated this before the March was initiated…

A police officer came into to say that the people were getting agitated by the delay, that they had even started a count down…

We went and asked the people to be a bit more patient…

The same police officer who had been holding a live weapon came back into the chambers and told us there was a fire on the 2nd floor of the Civic we should evacuate, to which I responded that someone else verify as the officer could not be trusted… The officer sent to verify came back saying there was no fire…

The Mayor was repeating what was in the response given on the 29th June 2018,… Pantsi asked him to then take this to the People as they had come to him to hear his response… 
The Mayor was refusing saying that we had brought the people there we should give the people the same response he was giving us ….

The Brigadier then asked the Mayor to please address the people so that the March can end… That his safety would be guaranteed…

On our way out of the Civic we heard stun grenades go off again and the crowd partially dispersed…

The came back and the Mayor refused to go out.. citing safety as a reason… eventually, he was given a mic to speak from inside the Civic… 
When the Community heard his response they started revolting…

Something very interesting to consider is that.. while we were at the Civic, the RC was being set alight… and there was an attempt by one person with a petrol bomb coming out of a car to try and burn finance section of the civic while we were in front… The interesting part is the reference that is being made to destroying the civic in the fake voice note that tried to implicate Pantsi in all this and also paint a political picture about the purpose of the march.

Since the March, there has been many attempts to discredit the intention of the March, to misdirect the community, businesses and to even spin a story that this is Politically motivated.

The Community marched on the 12th July, peacefully… 
3rd forces created chaos… 
The Mayor refused to address the community and caused agitation, he delayed/refused to take action against the CFO and MM and the Community said he too should go then…

Action was taken, Suspension of the CFO and MM only after the ANC recommended it, The Mayor is unable to take decisions for the good of the Community, his arrogance on the 12th Made people angry…


There is no doubt that should the Mayor decide to put the People first and resign today 20 July 2018, the Whole City Returns to calm immediately… there is no more unrest no more uncertainty…


The People with the will and power to heed the call of the Community must come to the Meeting on Sunday… The Municipality, the Councillors the Police, Businesses, Religious Leaders should come to the meeting on Sunday 22 July 2018 and address the Community.

Listen to the People On Whom You Depend, all we want is a better life… and a Better City. All Of Us are willing to work together as a United Community to have a better City again… 
one that we are proud to call home.


Gerald Johnson: “Would it be fair enough to say R260 is gone, MM &CFO are going?
And should we raise the bar and go For Matika’s head then we should also go for the Premier? She hasn’t shown any leadership, what is your take my leader?”

Tumelo Mosikare Responds:
Tumelo Mosikare Today We asked the community members that gathered at the Circle if we should not rather go to the President and present this to him as the local bodies either ignored this or acted only when things got worse whereas all this could and should have been avoided by dealing directly with what was brought forward

The price of electricity has been increased over years by those officials.. with different mayors at the helm… we did not need to March on the 27th June 2018 as the matter was administrative and they could have done what they did only after we marched.. before we marched we went to all the offices we could go to and sent countless emails… even going to the ANC’s Provincial office that week when the Monday it was a holiday.. we went there to speak to the Provincial Secretary to bring to his attention the R260 and while there the Mayor came and said in the passage.. “Oh You Have Come Here… even if you come here the R260 will go nowhere”… we brought this to the attention of the secretary.. what the Mayor said in the passage.. he responded saying this was wrong of him.. and agreed to meet us with the mayor that Monday.. which meeting never took place as monday was a holiday..

We sent emails which went unanswered.. we on invitation met with the ANC officials along with the Municipal officials the Thursday before the March on the 27th June and pleaded with them to make a decision such that we call off the strike… instead the Municipality opted to try and confuse the people by telling them there was no R260 and also lie to the Community saying the strike was called off..

Two days later they did what they refused to do over almost 2 years (reduce the price of electricity)..

The 6th demand on the list of demands was for the RESIGNATION of the MM and CFO…

The Mayor on the 29th June while responding on this matter said he needed to consult and could not just make such a decision.. he was asked that they be suspended so that an investigation could be done… we requested that he gives us feedback by Sunday as the Community would be meeting that Sunday to hear feedback on the demands… there was no response by Sunday 1 July and the Community wanted to take to the streets.. we requested that they allow us time to write to the Mayor and ask for a formal reponse on this and as discussed in the meeting on the 1st… that should he not act on the two officials MM and CFO then he too should resign/go

Everyone knows what transpired until today..

The MM and CFO were finally suspended only after again embarking on a strike.. less than 24hours after the ANC made the decision… what prevented them from making this decision on the 29th June 2018?

What prevented them from stopping the March of the 12th July 2018 by doing wat they did today?

Why did it have to come to such destruction before decisive action could be taken in meeting the demands of the people?

Now again… they are delaying to take action on suspending or removing the Mayor

The Premier has been quiet on this since the 1st March which She cannot claim She knew nothing about… the March happened in Kimberley.. where her office is and the sheer number of people marching warrented a response from her … there was none

Again we marched…. and she remained silent only… to respond or say something when there was destruction and chaos.. only then… and also to in response to the voicenote to clear her name.. but prior to that she played deaf and blind to the cries of the community.

The game that these elected leaders are playing is extremely dangerous… they have their own political differences and instead of solving genuine challenges of the community they as the looters find an opportunity to use this as a tool to take one another on at the expense of the Community and City… putting people’s lives and livelyhoods at risk… and for what if the community that is supposed to consider them when the time comes to vote again will remember what they did when called upon to lead and find solutions to the challenges of the people. That they played dumb and others played games and allowed the chaos to continue because the few are more important than the community they ought to serve.

So Sir… Yes, the Premier too must account for ignoring this.. the MEC who deals with Municipalities as well should account…

The President must make them all account for allowing this to go on so long in defence of corruption at the expense of the Community. – Tumelo Mosikare


Northern Cape Department of Education


The Northern Cape Department of Education can confirm that schooling for third term commenced, despite the possibility of disruptions in the Sol Plaatje Municipal area. No disruptions were reported, however, the attendance of educators (90%) and learners (40%), specifically in the 75 schools in Kimberley is a clear indication that parents, educators and learners were cautious to send their children to school.

The MEC for Education, Ms Martha Bartlett visited 10 schools today in Galashewe, Roodepan and Greenpoint to assess and monitor the school re-opening. She was pleased to see that at most schools it was business as usual. She further encouraged schools to make use of their sms systems and schedule parent meetings to notify parents to send their children to school. We are confident that educators and learners will be in full attendance as from tomorrow.

We are however concerned over the number of learners we saw wandering in the streets, whilst they should be in class learning. It should be emphasised, as a Department we don’t have much control over learners outside our premises and do encourage parents and the broader community to assist us in this regard. Education is a societal matter and collectively we must take responsibility to ensure that all learners of school going age are in class.

The re-opening of schools in the Northern Cape was overall successful, with a few challenges reported to our District offices. Our main concern at this stage, is the suspension of learner transport services by some operators in the ZF Mgcawu District, until an increase in their tariffs is implemented. We are busy engaging Provincial Treasury with regards to a possible increase in tariffs for all service providers effective as from 1 April 2018.

We are of the view that these service providers are not negotiating in good faith, since the function of learner transport was located with the Department of Education from 1 April 2018. We urge these service providers to continue to provide these services whilst we are doing our utmost best to resolve all their concerns.

Our learners deserve the best possible access to education, with the necessary support from the Department and the broader society. Collectively, we can bring about the change we want to see in our schools and in our society through Education. We should not under-estimate the power of Education.


Issued by: Geoffrey vd Merwe
Media Liaison Officer to the MEC
NC Department of Education


To: All Media Date: 17 July 2018


As per the agreement between the ANC and the representatives of the community, the ANC in the Northern Cape has managed to successfully assist in bailing out all community members who had been arrested for public violence as well as looting and granted bail by the Magistrate court.

A total number of 47 community members were bailed out. Those that still remain in custody are those that have been denied bail by the court, due to different reasons, some being that the individuals might have other criminal cases prior to this. We are made to believe that a special task team has been set up to investigate these cases.


The court has placed the matter on the roll for finalisation on Friday, 20 July 2018. However, the ANC has interacted with the municipality and there is an undertaking that the individuals will not be in anyway affected by the conditions of the interdict.


As the ANC we are of the view that the appointment of an acting Municipal Manager was done in the best interest of the Municipality. You will remember that the Municipal Manger was placed on leave, therefore for the day to day running of the municipality there was a need to have an acting MM. This decision can either be confirmed or reviewed by the council.
The ANC has urged Sol Plaatje municipality to always be sensitive and responsive to the issues that affect the communities.

No commitment should be made that the municipality is unable to achieve. Ward councillors are directed to convene monthly community meetings and the problems of the community should receive attention. Ward committees should also be activated and strengthened. The ANC will closely monitor all councillors and those who do not hold regular community meetings will be requested to account.

Issued by the African National Congress -Northern Cape
Deshi Ngxanga
Media Enquiries
Naledi Gaosekwe
Media Liaison Coordinator


FROM: Tumelo Mosikare  ·

I pray that today those in power stop playing games and stop putting the lives of many at risk just for profit and politics, defending corruption and going to such great lengths to confuse the people including lying to Church Leaders…
What has become of you?
Where are your hearts?
Where are your consciences?

Are You Still Doing this in the Name of MANDELA?


The Councillors today should do what those we met yesterday failed to do.

The Community which elected you has suffered enough but will not stop until you do as they demanded.

Do not weigh The MM CFO and Mayor More important than The People

The People Need You, Businesses need you ..


Protest Update: 07:00 Tuesday 18th July 2018

Security situation is quite this morning and there is free flow of traffic and no school disruption is expected. Thanks

Sello Matsie
Sol plaatje Municipality

UPDATE 16/07/2018 17:00


Deshi Ngxanga, ANC Northern Cape Secretary, media briefing on Kimberley Shutdown Protests
Video via Naledi Gaosekwe 




Our Electricity teams are currently busy at HA Morris Substation checking reason for the power fault affecting parts of the city.

Please take note that Refuse collection service for today was not carried out due to precautionary safety concerns but should return to normal from tomorrow, Tuesday, 17th July 2018 in areas due for Tuesday collection.

Our Service Centres are open for business while some of our Municipal services like Emergency Services, Electricity, Water and Sanitation are also providing the necessary services across the city.

There has been no reports of violence and the situation in Galeshewe, Roodepan and Green Point was relatively quiet this morning with traffic flow possible.

As indicated the Executive Mayor, will meet today with religious leaders, and on Tuesday with business sector and NGO’s on Wednesday. Further community engagements will be announced and their venues communicated to ensure that broader stakeholder engagements take place.

The Community is further advised to contact our Call Centre at 053 8306111 for all their enquiries.
We would like continue to urge all for calm and isolate those whose intention is the destruction of municipal infrastructure as we continue seeking all possible ways to return the city to normal. 
Kind Regards
Mr.Sello Matsie, Spokesperson, Sol plaatje Municipality


Protests in the Sol Plaatje Municipal area 

The Northern Cape Department of Education is concerned over the recent spate of ongoing protests in the Sol Plaatje Municipal area since last week, as schools are preparing to open for the third term tomorrow, 17 July 2018, as per school calendar. At this stage, we are at risk of loosing valuable learning and teaching time if an amicable solution or agreement is not reached. However, we are continuing to engage the SAPS to provide us with regular updates as they are monitoring the situation. We have the best interest of educators and learners at heart and their safety is our first priority.

We call on law enforcement agencies to guard and protect our institutions of learning against any form of theft and vandalism. We further appeal to educators, parents and learners to use their own discretion and assess whether it is safe to go school. In the event that schooling is negatively affected, we can assure parents that our District office will immediately implement recovery plans in all the affected schools as soon as the situation returns back to normal.

According to the SAPS, currently there are no threats that will jeopardise the re-opening of schools in the Sol Plaatje Municipal area. We are currently awaiting the final update from the SAPS.

Finally, we are appealing to the public to ensure that schooling commence as normal, as per the 2018 school calendar and to afford our learners and educators the right to education. We are entering a crucial term, especially for our matriculants, as they prepare for their final examinations.

VIA: Geoffrey vd Merwe
Media Liaison Officer to the MEC
NC Department of Education


Amid heavy police presence smaller groups of protesters are marching to the Galeshewe & Kimberley Magistrate Courts.




Citizen reports from the ground indicate that at least the majority of areas are calm this morning.

FROM: Steve Lunderstedt. July 16 at 1:03 AM ·  The Strike to Continue – Update

From the Frontline

It was decided at a community meeting yesterday to continue with the strike action today (Monday 16 July).

It is believed that there shall be a march on the Magistrate’s Court at 09h00 to demand that the 190 persons arrested over the last four days be released and that the Premier of the Northern Cape meet with the march.

It is unlikely that the march will be allowed based on the happenings last week.

After the march on Thursday last week degenerated into violence, looting, pillaging and destruction of property and which continued into Friday, the weekend was relatively calm.

Many members of the community cleaned up streets and vowed to sort out the criminal element who took advantage of the deteriorating situation.

Two different police helicopters and a military helicopter were active most of Saturday and on Sunday morning.

A drone was noted at 22h00 on Saturday evening flying over all the likely trouble spots in and around town. Some “Big Brother” is watching…
There was no bread and very little milk in the whole town yesterday (Sunday) and the queues at supermarkets who had their own bakeries were very long. Many shoppers left empty handed. With no deliveries to certain suburbs and by 11h00 yesterday no deliveries to supermarkets, it does appear that there shall be no bread this morning.

I hope there is bread – it is a staple. Will check the 24 hour shops at garages a little later.

Schools re-open tomorrow (Tuesday).

If the situation today is similar to last week, the re-opening of the schools is also doubtful. I am sure there shall be an announcement from the relevant authorities during the day.

I shall update on the continuing drama when and if time and internet communication allows



At a community meeting in Galeshewe this afternoon it was decided that tomorrow at 09:00 there will be a march to the court in support of 195 people who was jailed during the protests.
At his time it is unknown how big the march will be and how it will affect transport and business.

KIMBERLEY SHUTDOWN UPDATE 15/07/2018 from SABC Digital News

The Northern Cape premier and mayor of the Sol Plaatje Municipality in Kimberley are to meet urgently in a bid to defuse tensions in Galeshewe, Greenpoint and Roodepan. After two days of violent protest action and looting, the townships are relatively quiet. Residents are demanding lower electricity tariffs and the resignation of the municipal manager and chief financial officer. Keith Sayster reports.



Unrest: Latest Update. 09:00
14th Saturday July 2018

Major routes of Roodepan, Greenpoint and Galeshewe are operational for taxis and private vehicles this morning after being cleared by community members and the Municipality last night.

The situation is currently calm and police are monitoring. Several businesses have resumed trade this morning though we call for caution against opportunistic looters.

All burials are expected to proceed without any disturbance.

Municipal services like repairs for electricity, sewer blockages and burst pipes will resume as the situation returns to normal.

We continue to call on the community to exercise restraint and prevent destruction of property.

Sello Matsie
Sol plaatje Municipality


Good Morning NOCCI Members the message I am getting is that businesses will be open today and the malls. We have no knowledge as yet that there will be any problems. I will keep all updated.
Again to open or close your business is a decision only you as owner/Manager can make.
Have a wonderful day


Feedback from the community meeting held in Galeshewe this afternoon.









The Sol Plaatje Municipality would like to advise the general public that the Municipal Manager Goolam Akharwaray and the Chief financial officer, Miss Lydia Mahloko have both officially commenced with their voluntary leave from their duties at the Municipality as of today, Friday 13th July 2018. 
This is to allow a process of investigation and engagement with the broader community leadership in a conducive environment, whose sole objective is to resolve the current situation that has been marred by violence. The municipality would like to call on the broader community to be part of the extensive discussions and not allow legitimate grievances of the community to be delegitimize but acts of destruction and lawlessness. Once the engagements with all role players have been concluded, the matter will be referred to a Special Council Meeting and an official feedback will be provided to the broader community on its outcome. Its our collective responsibility to ensure that all matters are resolved speedily. The need for peaceful resolution is greater, as ordinary people need to access hospitals and clinics, while schools are due to reopen soon and businesses that have suffered losses needs to operate in a safe environment. Together with the community, we need to protect the lives of the community and the public infrastructure from further destruction. Once the situation is safe enough, our municipal teams are at the ready to clean up the city. The Municipality would like to extend an apology to the broader community for the unfortunate situation wherein we find ourselves and promise to return the city to normal.

Sello Matsie
Sol Plaatje Municipality

FROM: Steve Lunderstedt July 13 at 2:47 AM · Never mind AfrikaBurn, Kimberley is burning.

A sad and smoky day in Kimberley’s history yesterday – Thursday 12 July 2018, when the so-called peaceful march from all corners of the city to the civic centre disintegrated into chaos and anarchy. Shots were indeed fired, both rubber bullets and pistol, teargas used, buildings were set alight and looted, signposts, flower pots and rubbish bins destroyed, rubbish, rocks and bricks strewn all over the streets, and tyres set alight.

I decided to join in the populist march – marching against recent electricity increases and incompetent city management decisions – but only joining in at the municipal offices, which is where I patiently waited while watching the very active police aerial presence.

The arrival of the peaceful marchers was anything but, being led by singing and shouting (screaming) groups of young people being brought in on the backs of bakkies, the majority of them filled with large amounts of testosterone. They arrived at speed and in agitation.

There were several dozen bystanders waiting close by and their reaction was similar to mine – time to get away as it seriously looked like there would be violence. And there was.

However, I hovered in the vicinity on and off all day, and while I am aware that it takes two to tango, what was witnessed yesterday was anarchy.

Anarchy (noun), as defined by the Collins Dictionary:

1. General lawlessness and disorder, especially when thought to result from an absence or failure of government
2. The absence or lack of government
3. The absence of any guiding or uniting principle; disorder; chaos
4. The theory or practice of political anarchism

The organisers of the March are blaming the police and criminal elements taking advantage of the situation.

All I can add to this is that there was a tremendous number of criminal element (based on personal observations and video footage), and a very thin blue line.

Quo Vadis Kimberley?

(Photographs from Kimberley Infrastructure and Find it in Kimberley FB groups. My pictures are blurred and indistinct. A pity, there were some good ones).

12/07/2018 21:55 Kimberley Shutdown – Statement from Tumelo Mosikare

The People Of Kimberley… the real honest people of Kimberley are not thieves.. they are not heartless and are not hooligans.. Proof of this is in our successful peaceful march on the 27th June 2018 and our peaceful proceeding up to the Civic today on the 12th

The planned aggression against our people and the 3rd forces who were ready, waiting for the signal from the trigger happy police(not all) to carry out the plan of looting and vandalising of our City…
Their plan was to make sure that Matika does not address us.. even when we went inside to ask Matika to come out, when we were in the Muncipal Chambers the same police officer who fired a live bullet inside the civic came with his phone telling us we need evacuate the building because it is burning… clearly to stop the request that the Mayor address the people outside.. we asked them to verify his claims and there was no fire when the person sent to verify came back

We peacefully waited for Matika to address the Masses and he again delayed and further angered the people by saying they need proof for them to take action on the corrupt officials… proof that is inside the Moneycipality…

We are Not Stupid… this was clearly planned out and even the looting and vandalism was part of this plan

We Call On Our People, The Real People of Kimberley the honest People of All areas to help us stop the looting that is being done by these criminal elements planted within our communities

We were shot at but remained firm and did not leave until Matika spoke

The Mayor and The People Who Allowed This to happen must take full responsibility and do the right thing and Step Down, You Have Failed Us

Our People Were Clear with their demands and because you chose to play games with people.. the Criminals Have Taken Over.

The Kids, Please Parents… let the kids stay at home until the Mayor, Municipal Manager and CFO have resigned.

The Looters .. Those Valdalizing…
This is our City Our Shops that employ our people, our community halls that we will need when all this has been made right.




12/07/2018 21:20 – Statement from the ANC NC:

The ANC officials in the Northern Cape have since this afternoon been in engagements with both the political and administrative leadership of the Sol-plaatje Municipality, this amidst the violent protest that has engulfed the Sol-plaatje Municipal area in particular Kimberley. We have noted as the ANC that what was to be a ‘peaceful’ protest by residents in Kimberley has now been overtaken by criminal elements.

In the interest of the community, the ANC has advised the political leadership of the municipality to place both the Municipal Manager and the Chief Financial Officer on voluntary leave pending the outcome of a thorough investigation. The ANC will in the interim meet with the leaders of the community to amicably resolve the impasse. The ANC further calls on community members who have evidence of any wrong doing to come forth and provide us with such in order to resolve the matter.

The ANC therefore calls on calm in our society, we urge community members to desist from damaging both municipal as well as private property. We plead with the community to be patient until this matter is being resolved.

Issued by the African National Congress -Northern Cape
Deshi Ngxanga
Provincial Secretary

Via Naledi Gaosekwe, Media Liaison Coordinator.








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