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Kimberley Power Outage – Carters Glen – 01/03/2024

UPDATE: 2 MARCH 2024 – 06:00

Last night, the municipality traced the first issue to the substation and reset a breaker.

This solved the issue for most residents.

At around 23:30, I followed up with the municipality as some streets were still without electricity.

The municipality claimed to not be aware that power was not fully restored, and they sent out the electricians again.

I followed up every hour until 03:00, and no progress was made. The latest update received is that there must be a cable fault, and the testing team would be sent out in the morning.

No time is given when the issue will be resolved.

Chris Whittaker
Ward 24


UPDATE: 1 MARCH 2024 – 21:50

There is a power outage, most likely caused by the weather, that is affecting parts of Kimberley.

The issue has been reported to the municipality.

Chris Whittaker
Ward 24



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