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Kimberley Paramedics Deliver Baby in Ambulance

A baby boy who could not wait to see his mum was born about two minutes away from home in an ambulance on Monday morning (11 April 2016).

Craig van Rensburg and Sekese Ramochela, from ER24 Kimberley, were dispatched in the early hours of the morning to a farm between Riverton and Barkley West, in Stillwater, following a call from a woman stating that she was in labour.

Upon arrival and assessment of the woman, paramedics found that she was experiencing contractions.
They put her in the ambulance to be transported to hospital.
While checking her vitals just two minutes after they had begun driving, Ramochela informed Van Rensburg that the baby was on its way.
Van Rensburg had to stop immediately on a low water bridge to assist his partner and the woman.
Despite his rush, by the time Van Rensburg got to the back of the ambulance, the baby was already crying.
The umbilical cord was around the baby’s neck but they managed to remove it. The baby was warmed and placed in his mum’s hands.

They were transported to Mediclinic Kimberley. The baby boy, weighing 2.73kg, as well as his mum are both healthy. They were discharged from hospital on Tuesday.

Ramochela was excited as it was his first delivery. He as well as Van Rensburg are happy that both mum and baby are doing well.

Source: ER24 Emergency Medical Services

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