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Kimberley Nightly Water Shutdown Status

Nightly Water Shutdown UPDATE: 29/10/2020 – 15:36

Current dam levels are increasing, so no Nightly Shutdown is envisaged. Repairs are also being done on major pipe bursts. If anything changes, we will keep all updated.

Good day community members. Dam levels are increasing and NO immediate nightly shutdown is envisaged. Repairs are being done on major pipe bursts. I visit the Newton Reservoir regularly and will keep everyone updated.

Ockie Fourie
Cllr Ward 25

Info via Ward 25 Ward Councillor, Ockie Fourie.

Nightly Water Shutdown UPDATE: 28/10/2020 – 16:36

The current levels of the 98 and 102 mega litre dams at Newton Reservoir are showing a slight increase, although the situation is still critical. Unfortunately water supply to the dams was interrupted on Tuesday night due to power outages. Residents are requested to use water sparingly whilst major leaks will be attended to as a matter of urgency. Water shutdown will only be implemented if the situation deteriorates.

Dear Community members. I just want to update you on the current status of the dam levels at the Newton Reservoir. Although there is a slight increase to the levels of the 98 and 102 mega litre dams, the situation is still critical. Unfortunately water supply to the dams last night were interrupted by power outages.
You are hereby humbly requested to use water sparingly, please. Major leaks are being attended to as a matter of priority.
NO nightly water shutdown will be implemented, but if the situation deteriorates, you will be informed timeously. Please be considerate and use water sparingly.
Ockie Fourie
Cllr Ward 25

Info via Ward 25 Ward Councillor, Ockie Fourie.

Nightly Water Shutdown UPDATE: 27/10/2020 – 16:56

According to a message on WhatsApp, Sol Plaatje will first be monitoring the reservoir levels before possibly implementing the nightly shutdowns. If levels don’t improve, then the nightly shutdown will be implemented and clear times will be communicated.

Water will not be going off today we first want to monitor situation of the levels. If levels don’t show improvement then we will start with shutdown and clear time will be communicated.
From SP

Info via Ward 24 Councilor, Sharon Steyn on WhatsApp.

Nightly Water Shutdown UPDATE: 26/10/2020 – 15:00

In order to increase storage capacity levels at Newton Reservoir, Sol Plaatje Municipality will be re-implementing Nightly Water Shutdowns starting from Tuesday, 27 October 2020 until further notice. At the time of this post, no times were specified, but will be updated as soon as they are released.

Kindly be further informed that we will be implementing nightly water supply restrictions from around evening starting Tuesday 27th October 2020 untill further notice. The main reason is to increase storage capacity levels at Newton Reservoir to ensure we reach full capacity. Thanks for the cooperation.

Sello Matsie 

PLEASE NOTE: There is currently also a screenshot message doing the rounds on social media which seemingly has the times on, this was however screengrabbed from an old post from 2019 and is not relevant.


OLD Screengrabbed Image with Nightly Water Shutdown times.

UPDATE: 13/11/2019 – 14:20

The Sol Plaatje Municipality has suspended the daily (and nightly) shutdown of water to the city as stated in a media statement released on Monday, 11 November 2019. Sol Plaatje Municipality urges residents to continue to save water where possible and to report any pipe bursts and leaks to the Infrastructure Call Centre

UPDATE: 11/11/2019 – 16:00

The Sol Plaatje Municipality is expected to stop the daily shut down of water to the city on Wednesday, 13 November 2019.

The water supply shutdowns will continue until all reservoirs are at 16ft. We therefore anticipate to fill all reservoirs by Wednesday, 13th of November and suspend all water supply interruptions. We continue to request the community to continue with saving water and report leakages to the Call Centre. The areas currently without water are being attended to by the teams from water works.

The Sol Plaatje Municipality regrets the inconvenience

Issued by Sello Matsie, Sol Plaatje Spokesperson



UPDATE: 30/10/2019 – 09:00

Due to extremely low levels at Newton Reservoir the current daily water shutdown will be from 14:00 (2pm) to 04:00 (4am) the following day until further notice. 

UPDATE: 17/10/2019 – 06:00

The official schedule for the nightly water shutdown is from 19:00 (7pm) to 06:00 (6am).  However, this can change at any time based on the levels at Newton Reservoir.

UPDATE: 16/10/2019 – 17:00

Newton Reservoir: Earlier Shutdown tonight; Wednesday 16 October 2019

Due to a 150mm pipe burst connected to a 450 mm main pipeline from Newton in Conrad Street, we will switch off water supply from Newton Reservoir at 6pm tonight to allow Waterworks Department to complete the repairs. The water will only resume tomorrow morning. The reservoir levels at Newton are steadily increasing. We continue to request that residents conserve water usage.

Sol Plaatje Municipality

UPDATE: 13/10/2019 – 06:00

The official schedule for the nighly water shutdown is from 19:00 (7pm) to 06:00 (6am).  However, the levels at Newton Reservoir are still critically low leading to water frequently being shut down earlier or restored later.

UPDATE: 12/10/2019 – 21:20

Due to low water levels at Newton Reservoir, the reservoir was switched off earlier at about 16:00 this afternoon (12 Oct 2019) to build up the water level. According to SP the water will be switched back on on Sunday morning 13 Oct 2019 at about 05:00.

UPDATE: 10/10/2019 – 18:15

Nightly water shutdowns are in affect in Kimberley between 19:00 (7pm) and 06:00 (6am) the following morning.

UPDATE: 10/10/2019 – 08:52

Nightly water shutdowns are in affect in Kimberley between 19:00 (7pm) and 04:00 (4am) the following morning.

Nightly water shutdowns are still in affect in Kimberley but Sol Plaatje Municipality still insists that they are capable of meeting the City’s water demands.

Sol Plaatje Municipal spokesperson, Sello Matsie, said today that the nightly water shutdowns were likely to be discontinued from tonight as the levels at the Newton Reservoir dams are at a satisfactory height.

“The levels of the dams at the Newton Reservoir have stabilised and are sitting at 15.3 feet currently.” The optimum level is 16 feet.

According to Matsie the nightly water shadows was necessitated by  “increased consumption” and reduced water supply capacity as a result of clarifier dams at Riverton Water Purification Plant that had not been cleaned.

“There are six clarifiers at the Riverton plant, each with a carrying capacity of 103 megalitres. As a result of the silt build-up at the bottom of the clarifying dams, the carrying capacity is reduced, which affects production.

Two of the six clarifying dams have already been cleaned, while the remaining have been scheduled to be cleaned. This is being done in order to ensure that our production capacity is not affected.”

Matsie admitted that there are leaks on the main pipeline from Riverton but stated these are minor  and not affecting water supply to Kimberley.

Once again Matsie assured that Sol Plaatje Municipality have the capacity to meet Kimberley’s water demand and that water restrictions are not being considered..

The nightly water shutdowns which were initially introduced without any notice from the Municipality have been in place for more than a month.

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